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Testimony : How I applied Successfully on Npower, Secrets that got me enlisted

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Testimony : How I applied Successfully on Npower, Secrets that got me enlisted 

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Many are really curious about getting into the Npower platform during this Batch C 2020, there sure steps to be adhered to. As Npower announced today 26th June, 2020 as the date for the commencement of the registration you must follow strictly the following guides

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Npower Batch - C Sure Registration Guide 2020 

1. In case you changed your name for any reason in the past, maybe because of marriage , make sure that it reflects on the certificates you upload for Npower application. 

2. If yey to do change of name, then use the name as it shows on your certificates and in your bank account.

3. Furthermore, many people interchange their name, placing first name where last name should be, make sure you use the name as it appears in you certs and BVN.

3. If you can , do the registration by yourself or make sure you painstakingly guide the person helping you.

Café computer operators make some mistakes that can mar your chance of getting enlisted. If they must help you, make sure you confirm everything they fill in before submission.

4. Before you finally submit, confirm all your details over and over again before you finally submit.

5. Another very very important point is to make sure that the bank account you use is active and linked to your BVN.

6. To avoid issues bordering on your name or BVN . Ensure to fill the NPower form as you have your name in you certificates and bank account/BVN

You may encounter issues of unequaled name if every one of your certificates/IDs bear Obaski Eche, however you proceed to fill Eche Obasek in the application form. 

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NB: please let's carefully consider the above as we register so that all of we become beneficiaries and testify.

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Top Comments
NWAMAKAOKOYE · 06/28/2020
I change my name during nysc because of marriage,my nysc certificate carry my husband surname,while mine degree certificate carries my father surname.pls tell me is it bad
IgbokweChioma · 07/3/2020
I was only told to enter my BVN....nothing like account details..like account number, account name...I didn't see such.

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