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Hilarious: Check Out This Top 10 Hilarious Jokes For Today.

Joan101 06/25/2020

This top 10 hilarious jokes is for laughing purpose so as you read through and finds anyone that interest you please do drop your comment and share.


Just can't believe what my eyes saw yesterday evening. A Motorcyclist knocked a girl down, we all rushed to help her. While she was on the floor helplessly, with serious injuries to her body, she was shouting, "My phone! My phone!!"

We thought she wanted to call her family, so we gave her her phone.

Immediately, she stood up after she collected the phone, took a selfie of herself, log into Facebook and uploaded the picture with the caption...


She logged out and fainted immediately!

2. Akpos was having an argument with his Wife. The Wife called Akpos a fool. Akpos got angry and said, "I cannot be called a fool by a woman, not even my wife. She must therefore leave my house!".

Neighbours intervened and the matter was resolved. But the Wife still nursed anger.

Later that night, it rained heavily. It was so cold that Akpos wanted to perform his manly duty. Sneaking his hands to touch his Wifes laps in the dark, the Wife shouted, "WHO IS THAT FOOL?!"

Akpos replied, "It is me!".

3. A man went to a doctor for help. The following conversation took place:

MAN: I am not feeling fine.

DOCTOR: You are suffering from tuberculosis.

MAN: Are you sure it is tuberculosis? I heard of a doctor that treated a person for tuberculosis but the person died of typhoid.

DOCTOR: Don't worry, if I treat you of tuberculosis, you will die of tuberculosis not of typhoid.

4. Just before hanging the prisoner, the judge asked the prisoner...

JUDGE: What is your last wish?

PRISONER: I want to update my Facebook Status as dead.

5. MAN 1: Now my grandfather, he knew the exact day of the year that he was going to die. It was the right year too. Not only that, but he knew what time he would die that day, and he was right about that too.

MAN 2: Wow, that's Incredible! How did he know all of that?

MAN 1: The judge told him.

6. HUSBAND: I wanted it boiled!

WIFE: I'm sorry honey.

The next day, she boils an egg;

HUSBAND: Oh no! I wanted it fried!

WIFE: Sorry honey.

The next day she boils one and fries one;

HUSBAND: You should have boiled this one and fried the other one.

7. ''Darling. Am I the first man to make love to you?'' Her tone of answering was slightly more than irritable, ''Of course you are!" she said "And also the best too. I wonder why you men always ask the same old ridiculous question!''.

8. After the engagement!

GIRL: Stop looking at girls, you're committed now!

BOY: What do you mean? If I'm fasting, It doesn't mean that I should not look at food.

9. Apology Letter from a hospital to a Patient.

"Dear sir, we have good news! Lab results confirmed that red rashes around your p***s was not Cancer, it was lipstick, we apologize for cutting it off".

10. The teacher asked akpos to count from 0 to 10

AKPOS: 0 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10

TEACHER: Where is 5?

AKPOS: Yesterday, I heard 5 died in a car accident.

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