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Zidane's Anti-Fatigue Plan, He Used All Of His 21 Players Available

Ajisafe1 06/26/2020

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* Zidane's anti-fatigue plan, he used all of his 21 players available.

• Zidane warned again after Real Madrid's last win against Spain that fatigue would be the greatest enemy of all teams in the last seven finals, which is why his main goal is to give each of the minutes.

• In the last game, Brahím Díaz has played back, which he had not done in the championship since December and with his return, the French has already used all the players at his disposal in these first four games after the return is set with four wins.

• In total, there are 21 players used by Zidane, with Bale who also held for the first time after the return, only those who did not recover from the injury such as Nacho, Jović and Vázquez, remain by their side, there is always Areola who has not appeared and who, in principle, will not last a season.

• There are only two players playing every minute and it's Courtois and Varane, the French coach has already used his apparently forgotten players like James Rodríguez, as well as his players who hadn't played much before the suspension like Mariano Díaz or militão.

• Asensio also experienced an extraordinary return as he appeared after more than ten months of absence and won a few minutes against Majorca after his brilliant return against Valencia with a scored goal once entered.

• With matches every three days and in the case of Real Madrid, which barely reaches 70 hours of rest between two days, the coach wants to pay attention to the maximum details, as Zidane said after the last win, " The league will be equal and who gets the smallest details will finally have something very important."

• Varane and Courtois are the only ones who haven't rested in a minute, more Benzema, Kroos, Carvajal and Valverde will be the most popular with the Zidane range.

• However, the most growing player is Vinícius Jr who seems to be among the best and is the tenth most used player by Zidane.

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