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Combined Xi (France And Spain) Vs Combined Xi (England And Belgium) For Each Position, Who Will Win?

Veronica55 06/25/2020

Let's organise a friendly match between this four teams in The world who are combined. The interesting part of it that, Most of the teams plays in Europe and the top 5 European league precisely.

Let's quickly organise a fixed match between this two teams. Which coach do you think fits this team if they as a club In Europe

let's take a look at the players that make up the combined Xi between France and Spain.

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The selected goalkeeper is the Spanish goalie and also the Manchester united goalkeeper In the person of David De gea.

The defenders are selected to be Jodi Alba, Sergio Ramos, Varane and Pavard.

The midfielders are selected to be Paul Pogba and Kante the two most valuable midfielders in Europe.

The forwarders are the Right winger Carzola, The left winger Coman, the strikers Kylian Mbappe and Morata.

The England and Belgium combined Xi

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The goalkeeper is the real Madrid goalie in the person of Courtois.

The defenders are selected to be Chilwell, Arnold, Kary Maguire and Stones.

The midfielders are Kelvin DE Bruyne, Naingolan.

The forwarders are the left winger Eden Hazard, the right winger Jadon Sancho, the strikers are Lukaku and Harry Kane.

Which xi of you think is better and stronger to win this match? 

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+256-77643**** · 06/25/2020
Sterling for lukaku
AkampuliraJoseph · 06/25/2020
let's look at that of England and Belgium...it kills you softly👌👌

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