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Nigerians With Their Assumptions on Record Label Ownership

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I've said this before and I'll say it again, the "I must have my own recording label" mentality is one that many seem not to take cognisance of, although it has been woven into the fabric of the Nigerian music industry today.

At first, I didn't know if it was pride, a sense of Independence or wanting to feel like "you've arrived" that would prompt a musician doing well in a particular record label and having a good rapport with the record label owners to suddenly opt out and open their own recording label.

However, after some digging, I discovered that it could also be pressure from external forces (friends and fans), who think that the next big career step for a musician that is gaining prominence is to acquire their own record label.

Remember when Iyanya left Made Men Music Group for Mavins? Many people actually expressed their displeasure, saying he was too big to still not have his record label. However, I believe he knew what he was doing and knew that it would not be a good choice for him at that time.

Most of the new record label owners rush into this new phase, with little or no idea of the game and even limited funds, so they end up struggling to keep their career afloat, without much hope for the "upcoming talents" under their wing. Things just never remain the same after such a drastic decision, although many see it as the risk they have to take for development.

Now, I am not here to judge anybody or whatever, I am just here to say that before listening to people who probably have no idea about how your industry works, you should do some soul searching first. Ask yourself questions like, "What move does my career really need at this point?" "Where will my talent be more appreciated and Where will my product sell the most?"

As for we the supporter's club, everything is not always what it seems in the entertainment industry, who we think is more than able to stand on their own might just be a step away from slipping into oblivion, I wouldn't like to mention names of such people, but I hope you get what I mean.

If we really love their craft and want the best for them, we will not pressurise them into making costly mistakes.

That being said, let us take a look at some musicians who have left record labels to start their own.

1. Tekno

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He left Made Men Music where he was doing really well to start up Cartel Music in 2019, and we all know his music journey hasn't been the same ever since.

2. Lil Kesh

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This one really tickles me, because after a major breakout experienced at YBNL, he thought it best to leave to start his Yankee label. He somehow managed to release some hits, but we can all agree that their success rate cannot be compared to when he was at YBNL.

3. Reekado Banks

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The same story goes for the former member of The Mavins Group, who started a record label company with his brother.

4. Runtown

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After incessant squabbles with Eric Many, Runtown decided to fly his own label, Soundgod Music Group. Now, Runtown no longer runs the town. Oops!

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MizzyVibes · 06/27/2020
you are fool Mrs poster tekno is doing fine and Runtown these are money men make your research well

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