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Neutralize A Scorpion Sting In One Minute (Quick Remedy)

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Scorpion sting is rarely life threatening but very painful and could lead to severe complications in young children and old adults. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In order to avoid this complications, it is important to be reactive towards scorpion sting by using the right treatment.

And on this note, I bring to you five important plants that is useful in the treament of scopion sting.

NOTE: There are other scarce plants used in the treament of scorpion sting and they are listed bellow.

▪️Biophyllum sensitivum.

▪️Emblica officinalis.

▪️Anogeissus latifollium.

▪️Cassia fistula.

▪️Argemone Mexicana.

▪️Cenrtopogon cornutus.

▪️Andrographis peniculata.

▪️Biophyllum petersianum.

But because of an emergency situation, we are going to discuss the abundant classes of plants.



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Botanically known as Carica papaya, Pawpaw is an abundant fruit plant that can be found in every part of the continent.


1. Collect a fresh stem of a pawpaw plant.

2. Break the stem and collect the latex milk into a clean container.


Repeatedly apply the latex on the wound for three days.


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Cassava plant is botanically called Manihot esculenta. In Africa, cassava is highly abundant, essential and well valued.


1. Carefully collect the cassava leaf stem.

2. Make sure you extract the juice from the stem.

3. Collect the extract into a clean container.


Apply the juice extract on internal core of the wound in order to eliminate the effect of the sting.


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Garlic is botanically known as Alium sativum and is one of the most important spice.


1. Get bulbs of garlic and slice into two halves.

2. Crushed the first part and collect the latex juice.

3. Add a pinch of salt to the latex juice


Wash the wound in salt water and apply the mixture on it. Then eat the remaining garlic.


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Mango is botanically known as Magnifera Indica and it belong to the abundant class of fruit plant in Africa.


1. Collect handful of young flowers.

2. Crush the flowers and sundry.

3. Then powder the dried flowers.


Apply the powder on the wound trice daily.


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Botanically known as Calotropis procera, Sodom apple comes with different essential benefits and it belong to the abundant class of herbal plant.


1. Carefully collect the leaves stem of Sodom apple

2. Crush the leaves stem in order to extract the latex milk.

3. Put the collected latex in a clean container and cover it.


Press out the bad fluid from the wound and apply the latex on the wound. Continue the process for another three days.

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When u give cheap remedy to someone they won't accept until u give them something expensive. If u tell them to apply an eye drop sold for 5k they would belief even though it is false. Scorpion bite is very painful but don't necessarily kills we only say ruqya to it if it stings us in d farm if we are home we use salt and water and recite ruqya. Suratu lfalaq and Suratu lnasi
+234-802725**** · 06/26/2020
do you know what a scorpion sting is? the poison moves very fast, that you will tell the person to cut Sodom apple leaves etc. apply for three days. you better watch it
JaneGeorge · 06/26/2020
Nice one. Tanx for sharing 👍
KayKayBi · 06/25/2020

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