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Four WWE Super Stars, Who are also Musicians.

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WWE which is know as World Wrestling Entertainment, as been entertaining fans for many years now. The Wrestlers are so skilled an always leave the fans in a mouth watering state. Musicians on the other hand, are also folks who have been changing the world and passing messages through music, they have being one of the most Influential folks in the globe, wit diffrent generes from R&B to Rap and so on.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This two field aint related but here in this article, we would see Five Famous WWE Wrestlers who also sing.

1.John Cena: One of the greatest wrestler of all time no doubt, is also in to music, he raps very well, and he was the one who sang his Stage Intro song titled "Its My Time" this song can be downloaded and was also an hit at the time.

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2.Hulk Hogan: Regarded as the greatest wrestler of all time, by IGN they also have it that he has done, some couple musical hooks, but this time not Rap music

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3.Kurt Angle: After Enjoying some nice spells in WWE, he switch sides to TNA to continue is domination. He is an American who was singing in his child hood days, before major focus and attention to wrestling

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4.Booker T: One of WWE finest in his days, was always a beast in the ring. Just as you can see in his skin a pure and rigid Black man, from the street of United state who was rapping in his growing up days, as we all know rap to be the thing of the Black folks mostly in USA. Booker T wasn't left out in this

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Now you see this Famous Wrestlers also Sing song, some even rap.

Who among them was surprising to you?

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