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A man saying his woman should not touch his phone is the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

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People go into relationships for different reasons. Some for fun, some for company, some for money, some for the sake of it and some to express their true love for their partner and be loved in return.

I personally believe that whatever a person is doing should be done it utmost sincerity.

In so many relationships girls seem more into a guy than the guy is in them.

Some out of love endure and tolerate a lot of rubbish from a guy which is really wrong. Some avoid doing certain things like touching his phone, showing jealousy or making inquiries on something they are doubting just to avoid issues.

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You have doubts about your boyfriend and just because of love you are scared to raise issues.

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One of the things I find particularly irritating is hearing a guy or man saying his girlfriend or wife should not touch his phone. I have even heard a lady say;

"why do you want to go through his phone when you know you will see something that will hurt you"

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Now my question is, why should there be something that can make you cry or hurt you in your man's phone?

That makes me to want to ask ladies if they really know their value. You are dating a guy and you are one of his ladies? Seriously? He denies you access to his phone and you accept that simply because you want peace to reign?

I call that great callousness that will end in tears.

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If a guy denies you access to his phone or tells you that you both should respect each others privacy then you should think thrice about the future and purpose of your relationship.

If you are there for love then there is no true love dear. You should probably find your way. If a guy truly loves you, you would be the only lady in his life. He would respect you really well and hold you in high esteem. He would be really transparent with you because you are the only one in his heart. He would freely give you his phone to even convince you that he is yours only.

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Let nothing make you think otherwise. Crave for respect and genuine love from a guy and when you are disrespected by a man's actions like hiding his phone which means he has other affairs, you should know what next to do, which is not to go fighting cause it makes you cheap and in need of him but to kindly walk away since he's not honest with you and since you are not the only one in his life.

However if you are comfortable with being a side chick, so be it.

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