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School Lockdown: Public school students most cheated.

Rushhournews 06/26/2020

The lockdown of schools across the country following the pandemic is taking great tolls on the students who have been idle at home for nearly three months. Worst hit are students of public schools who are left to their own devises while students of private schools are teaching their students online, ensuring that their brains remain active while the lockdown lasts. Students of federal tertiary institutions are not going to find it easy when the schools resume.

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The challenge of public universities are multifaceted. There are no facilities to deliver online teaching to students. Assuming there are facilities, how many students have the requisite instruments to learn online? Even if the facilities are available and the students have all it takes to take online lectures, where are the lecturers? Remember, they are still on strike. One undisputed fact is that the brain when left idle for too long and just like any other part of the body becomes rusty. 

Perhaps, this pandemic is another opportunity to take a critical look at the education sector in the country and remodel it to meet global standards. Nothing has exposed the poor standard of education in the country than this current pandemic. When it is said that no Nigerian University is rated among the first one thousand in the world, those ignorant of the quality of education obtainable in other climes feel Nigeria is slighted. Truth is that, we have been used to pedestrian style of doing things that analogue system has become a part of us. While the world is going digital in practically all facets of life, we are okay with the littleness of our systems. 

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Digital system of learning has been the vogue in the western world and Asia since the advent of internet services. Classes assignments, tests and exams are delivered online while classrooms are for discussions and quiz. But here, some lecturers don’t even have laptops let alone students. Secondary schools are nothing short of glorified poultry. The ill motivated teachers are mere traders using their classrooms as shops. When they are not buying and selling, they are busy doing any other thing but teaching. Majority of them have never pressed a computer keyboard in their lives. The government is non chalant because no child of the rich is in public schools, be it primary, secondary or university. There is practically no investment in the training of teachers to bring them up to speed with the modern approach to teaching and possibly digitalise them who in turn will use their knowledge to the benefits of their pupils and students. 

It is left for imagination what will be left of these students mentally by the time the pandemic abets. While students in many private schools will miss nothing and will lose no semester or academic year, those in public schools are already endangered as it were. There is a high chance that public school students are going to miss one full academic year going by indicators. This would not have been so if the government had taken time to make the right investments in the academic sector. Nigeria deserve to be among the elite group of Nations operating quality system of education in the world. It is not too much to ask for.

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