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Tinubu picked up the challenge and he successfully turned Lagos State to the New York of Nigeria.

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I have never seen a nepotistic leader that sacrifices competency for ethnic consideration to the detriment of national development

You can accuse Tinubu of every other thing, but you can never take away his gift and passion in rewarding brilliance, hardwork and competency irrespective of your tribe and Religious affiliations. 

We should not forget that Lagos was there before Tinubu assumed that office. Yes, nobody will neglected his contribution towards growth and development of Lagos. It's will be wrong for one to conclude that Tinubu is solely Brian behind Lagos. 

Before Tinubu, was Lagos.

If the Master plan set in Lagos (During the time as Federal capital of Nigeria) is set in other states in Nigeria, same level of development will be same in other states

One great uniqueness of Tinubu apart from lifting up of his allies is that he has so much investments in Nigeria Unlike those that just stashed our hardearn resources wasting in foreign countries. The man,Tinubu can rule the nation successfully

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

For those who don't like Tinubu, no problem. It is human. To think that everybody will like him is irrational thinking. But in reality, after Awolowo, let us point another Yoruba leader that has represented Yoruba better than him. When the federal seat was moved to Abuja, the thinking of those who hated Yoruba  was that Lagos state will reduced in status and the economy crumbled.

Tinubu picked up the challenge and he successfully turned the state to the New York of Nigeria. Not only that he succeeded in making peaceful change of leaders a reality with able, energetic and hard work.

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+234-802454**** · 07/29/2020
AkinyanjuBenard · 07/25/2020
Yes , what are you driving at ? Because you must tab the board , you got to write anything for money or for what ?. Just to praise Tinubu , nothing more . Mr follow , follow ooo , zombie oo zombie ... remember Fela Anikulapo ?
MichaelOlorunshogo · 06/28/2020
Good job & good performance is not recognized by people but rather criticising it, only when a person die, that his good job is noticed

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