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A Three Years Old Girl Child Was Raped to a Coma by Her Custodian.

DtownCrier 06/25/2020

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The man above raped a three years old girl to a coma few minutes ago. It was gathered that the mother of the victim, left the baby to the man above who took advantage of the helpless baby and raped her to piece.

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That was the picture of the baby that the billy goat in question destroyed her private part. I suppose to show the picture of the private part of that child so that you will be able to see how heartless that beast is. But I am afraid that Opera news will reject my article for the fact that the picture is too goring.

I want to use this opportunity to warn mothers to be more careful. Do not leave your girl child with any man no matter how close. The time is full of time. Some men gave themselves to doing all manner of wickedness.

Just look at that innocent child been subjected to such great wickedness. Does it mean that there is no grown up woman out there? The commercial workers are out there advertising matured honeypot at very cheap price. Yet that billy goat, was attracted to a suckling.

My only happiness is that he was arrested. I wish he will be sentenced to life imprisonment. I wish that government will make him to pay heavily for damaging the body of that innocent child.

I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to mothers to be more careful. Dress your child properly. Stop passing your girl child around naked or half naked. And above all, do not leave your girl child under the care of any man.

Remember that prevention is far better than cure. Meanwhile, I wish the little child quick recovering. And for the rapist, I wish you life imprisonment.

Source: opera.com
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