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Album Review:Kizz Daniel Delivers Pop Gold on Third Album "King Of Love

Abidez 06/29/2020

Album Review: Kizz Daniel Delivers Pop Gold On Third Album "King Of Love

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Kizz Daniel rarely misses. From his early days as a G-worldwide act to his independent status, he has carved out a brand of being a reliable source of great pop music. His artistry enters a new chapter with the release of King Of Love, his third studio album.

In this review, the four major components of the album are addressed.

Central theme:As always, Love is the central theme for Kizz Daniel and on this album, he highlights the multiple facets of it. The album opens up with the pop-spiritual Jaho which more or less is a song that focuses on being self-aware of God’s love and the multiple blessings attached to it “He can give and take away but everyday na for give away”. Ada is your average Nigerian love song, Fvck You and Pak ‘n’ go represent a time period when the love has fallen apart or gone sour, Padi is that awkward situation where one gets attracted to the partner of a friend, Boys Are Bad is basically a song about being an overprotective,jealous lover, Find A Babe is aptly titled, Chana is an expression of lust, Tempted to steal exposes the ridiculous and crazy things people do in the name of love while songs like Aii, One Day, and Need Somebody represent high points of love.

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Kizz Daniel has been exploring the concept of storyteller. He might end up being the most sublime pop balladeer in Afrobeats becuase his exectution is top notch. Previous songs like One Ticket and Jumbo are testament to this. On King Of Love, Kizz’s storytelling is in full swing on songs like Padi, Fvck You, One Day, and Tempted To Steal.

Brevity;How can a 17 track album have brevity? Short songs is the answer. Most of the songs under the album are under 3 minutes. Only four songs (Chana, Fvck you, Chek, and Need somebody)

are above 3 minutes. Short songs have been proven to be an effective strategy in the streaming age. If the song is great and short, listeners feel unsastified and they will stream and stream again till they are satisfied those giving the artists more streams. King Of Love is full of sweet and short songs that will resonate with listeners immediately. The effects of this is already working as the album has hit the 1 million mark in just three days.

Cohesion;An album is supposed to offer an experience. The music is just to create an experience or journey for the listener and this is why the cohesion on an album is very important. To this end, sometimes artists create albums wth a concept or theme in mind. For Kizz Daniel’s KOL, love happens to be the central theme of the album and he excellently executes a thrilling journey of sweet pop music that explores all the areas of love. The album also offers a bit of pointless fun tracks like Hook, Chek, Pipa and Yapa. It all makes for a thrilling listening experience.

Conclusion: It’s a strong effort from Kizz Daniel with a few average songs that are quickly forgotten thanks to the general strength of the album. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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