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Why Chelsea might be the kings of water breaks

Mansantos 06/29/2020

The Daily Mail's Kishan Vaghela finds another piece of evidence that supports something we have already seen in recent games: Frank Lampard's game-management is second to none.

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  • One of many novelties in the Premier League now is that most games are interrupted in the middle of each half for a water break (sometimes, it's quite hot in the summer).
  • The Daily Mail has made some calculations to find out which team make the most use of the break by scoring after the play resumes.
  • In the first game under the new rules, Chelsea might've been the victims of the water break: Aston Villa's Kourtney Hause opened the scoring in the 1st half after one of them - it would equal to one point lost.
  • But in the next game, Chelsea scored after the water breaks in each half and took the lead against City - for the sake of this report, each such goal counted for two points gained.
  • As a result, the Blues have gained 3 points thanks to the water breaks which is the joint-best points return in the Premier League along with Brighton.
  • Frank Lampard has proven he can use any break effectively, including the half-time; with more pauses in the game, the boss has more opportunities to make an impact.
Source: opera.com
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