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Photos: Regina Daniels and her husband welcomes a baby boy.

Adaeze_beauty 06/29/2020

Almost a month ago, Regina Daniels and her husband announced that they were expecting a baby. The actress took to her Instagram to say that she is pregnant and she was so happy to enter the journey of motherhood. 

 Her billionaire husband also announced on his Instagram page that his baby is having a baby. Today, Regina Daniels brother big brother announced on his Instagram that he is now an Uncle and his sister have given birth to a baby boy.

  Friends and family also posted photos of her at birth. And from the photo it looked like she had a C-section delivery. Regina also announced that she is airing her own reality show that will show her life, pregnancy, childbirth and marriage.

  Regina's husband, mother and even her herself haven't said anything about it.

What do you think the baby looks like? Ugly like her husband or beautiful like Regina?

Do you think she is ashamed of her baby because it might be ugly?

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Top Comments
+MaiB · 06/29/2020
Stop showing other people's baby faces just be patient enough for your own to come
obodovictoria · 06/30/2020
BunmiAdeboye · 06/30/2020
Congratulations, u'll live to be the mother of your children IJN.
GUEST_6K4Zyevyz · 06/30/2020
congrats. he's cute

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