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Between Ronaldo and Messi, Who Would You Choose As Your Team Captain?

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Hi football fans!

Its been a testing time in for us all through this period of the deadly pandemic. It is a great news to us that our favorite and most adored sport, Football, is beginning to recuperate from the very boring and tiresome period.

During the lock down, I and my friends were in an argument about the usual Ronaldo vs Messi debate, talking about their stats and all of that. From that debate, I thought of a question which I would like all football lovers should answer.

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My question is: If you were a manger having Ronaldo and Messi in your club , who would you choose as your team captain?

That's a very tricky question which have got me thinking all this while.

 To be honest with you, I really don't know who I will choose because this two players are indescribable. I tried to look and their flaws and strengths and I was left with no option than accepting that they are the G.O.A.T.

One of the numerous attributes of a team cap is Leadership. When it comes to being a leader, I believe Messi has an upper hand. He has this leadership personality that speaks loudly on the pitch when he plays. You may jot see him shouting or calling the players but football analysts will tell you that when Messi s on the pitch, Barcelona will show some level of order or meticulous arrangement in the game.

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Another criteria is Reliability. To me, Ronaldo shows this attitude of "I've got u covered" to his players when playing on the pitch. He can score goals in a consecutive manner and he has through out the years proven to us that he his very reliable when it come to being a complete striker.

There are other areas which I may not really know but I believe you do. And I know it will be tough to really decide which player you would go for.

So I want you to answer that question not based on favoritism but by their statistics. I would love to see your massive comments. Thanks.

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