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5 Lessons Hushpuppi Has Taught Nigerian Youths.

U-Gist 06/29/2020

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The story of Hushpuppi's arrest by American authorities, has occupied the social media space for sometime now. His arrest on the basis of alleged fradulent activities, has not left the lips of many Nigerians.

However, most events that occur around us, teach a variety of lessons to us. Hushpuppi's case is no different, as it has taught many especially the youths; lessons they should adhere to in their daily hustle.

Here are some of the lessons Hushpuppi's case has taught many:

1) A day of reckoning:

The popular phrase 'everyday for the thief, but one day for the owner' has been proven with Hushpuppi's arrest. No doubt, one can learn that evil men may stay long in wickedness, but will one day be exposed and apprehended.

2) Men usually follow the money not the man:

During his days of wealth, an observer would think that everyman was in support of Hushpuppi; but after his arrest, it is proven they only followed the money not the man. Even his pal Daddy Freeze has staged up excuse, to shield his involvement with him. Indeed money brings followers, and it's departure may drive them away.

3) Illegal wealth may be quick but kills:

Hushpuppi may have avoided the slow acquisition of wealth, and decided to make it big illegally. However, the end of the way was very bad for him.

4) Don't be ashamed of your hustle, so long it's legal:

Many individuals, especially youths always desire an affluent status; and detest having to earn little gradually. Hushpuppi's case may have proven otherwise to such persons.

5) Not all that glitters is gold:

Everything is not always what it seems to be, an outside view never equals an inside view. People are not whom they always seem to be to you.

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