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Take this prayer before the end of today to connect with your divine helpers (25th, June 2020)

lifebuildersng 06/25/2020

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You need to connect with your God-ordained helpers through the instrumentality of prayers. God has ordained some helpers to take you to your promised land, and you need to connect with them.

Many people are still very far from their helpers and such people need to engage in this prayer.

It is only God who can help you connect with your destiny helpers, it is not going to be by power and might. The Bible says that the Heart of the King is in the hands of GOD and HE can directs them to wherever He likes.

You need to pray for the mercy of God to be available for you as wait for Him to connect your helpers with you.

If you want God to connect your helpers to you, take these prayers now:

1 Father please have mercy on me and let me find favour before all my helpers in Jesus name.

2 Turn the heart of my helpers to me this season in Jesus mighty name.

3 Wherever my helpers are, let them look for me and assist me in Jesus name.

4 O Lord my father, arise and do a new thing in my life in Jesus name.

5 The person you have ordained to take me to my next level in life, direct him or her to me and let move to a higher level in Jesus mighty name.

Your helpers and you, will meet and your joy shall be full in Jesus name.

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Top Comments
Axty · 06/25/2020
FidelisNdukwe · 06/25/2020
amen thank you Jesus for Ur love to we ur Children amen
IdowuAbiola_01 · 06/25/2020
Amen in jesus
GUEST_o3qRKxvvv · 06/25/2020

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