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How To Improve Your Voice With Constant Eating Of "Okra"

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Often when we eat, we do not think about how our food affects our voice or our singing. We may consume caffeine or spicy food which may be harmful to our voices and cause irritation as well as dry our throats!

If we sing immediately after consuming these foods, we increase our risk of damaging our vocals and causing unnecessary pain to ourselves!

We already know that okra is rich in nutrients. By eating okra, you can improve your voice; these are the things you can get when you consume okra on a regular basis.

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The esophagus is where every food substance we eat pass through. ... The okra you eat actually pass through the larynx that produces sound to make you voice beautiful.

I’m not a nutritionist or doctor but I do know when something feels like it’s helping. Okra, perhaps due to their natural slimy properties, seem to moisturize the throat and give it an extra layer of protection.

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The effect is immediate and the physical effect lasts for a short while, perhaps long enough to record a short spot or a page of script… maybe more, depending on how much you consume or how often you have some.

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