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OPINION: Get These 5 Things To Attract Good Luck To Your Home

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There are two major factors that play a pivotal role in a man's life, they are Grace and Luck. While the former is an unmerited favour from God, the latter is an unpredictable phenomenon that occurs in a man's life without prior thought or plan.

Attracting good luck is the joy of everyone and in this article, I will tell you five things you need to get in order to attract good luck to your home.

1. Fruits (Apples)

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The fruits you look down on as just a fruit may be more powerful than you realize. Apples are associated with peace, grapes symbolize wealth and success, peaches symbolize immortality.

Oranges which is an amazing fruit ward off bad luck in a room.

2. A Red Colored Door

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It is not only what you keep inside your house that prevents bad luck or attracts good luck, your entrance matters a lot. Various religions and cultures have strong association with the red colour which makes it a popular color for the front door.

However, the colour of your front door may depend on the direction your house faces. If it faces east, get a red color, south, a yellow color, west, a neutral color and north a dark color.

3. Elephants

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In most part of the world, elephants symbolize strength and wisdom. An elephant with its trunk turned up is a sign of good luck.

4. Goldfish

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Fish generally symbolize abundance and prosperity. A goldfish represents fortune, wealth and good luck.

5. Acorns

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Acorns are well known for driving bad luck and inviting good luck into your home. Scatter a few acorns around your house and that good luck you so desire will come to you.

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