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You Can Only Get Rich Through These 3 Things (Opinion)

OduseDavid 06/25/2020

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A lot of questions remain unanswered to many people. It is unquestionable fact that a larger proportion of the human population are poor, broke and hungry. The main question on the mind of the average man is, "where can I find money?"

Worry no more, as I unveil to you the three things to do, that'll fetch you money, and even make you get rich, in the long run. In fact, money is hiding in things most people don't really want...

You can only find MONEY in these 3 places which I listed below;

1.The first place where you will find money is with People

All businesses need people to make money. Doctors need people to make money and they call those people patients. Checkers and Woolworths needs people to make money and they call them customers. Mortuaries need dead people to make money.

If you run away from people, you are running away from your riches. If you say you are shy and can't talk to people, then it mean poverty will be your best friend. Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his bestselling book titled, "The Business Of The 21st Century," that the Rich people know how to use people to make money.

Therefore, learn to maximize your relationships with people, if you want to build wealth.

2.The second place to make money is by creating solutions to people's problems.

Business owners are smart people that knows how to make money by creating solutions to problems. Look for a common problem that's affecting people around you, and find a viable solution to such problem.

In no time, people will have no choice than to patronize you. In fact, it's the principle made Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and the likes, to become billionaires. 

3.The last place you can find money is with opportunities.

Most of the things that make people successful are not the things they like but it's what they will get out of those things.

Successful people learn to maximize opportunities for financial benefits. Like Robert Kiyosaki wrote, "the best to make money is during economic recessions and crisis."

Do you know that there a number of people that doesn't want this Covid-19 pandemic to end soon? Why? It's because they're making more money than ever, from this global crisis. 

Drop your opinions in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

Source: opera.com
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RAWLINGS10 · 07/8/2020
writing exceptionally from a unique point of view. How we see opportunities and problem solving can change your finance

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