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See What Causes Early Pregnancy In A Girl Child.

Keynews1 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. See what causes early pregnancy in a girl child.

Children are divine gift from God, But what matters most is the way you take care of those children. So they can be better people tomorrow.

Looking at this little girl that is pregnant and still caring a baby at her back is more of hardship. This is because if this little girl had gone to school or was guided probably she would not have found herself in this kind of life style.

Experience they say is the best teacher, see this little girl and the way her fellow school mates look at her, they also have pity on her. Because she is not in the level she is supposed to be.

At least by now she is supposed to be in school not in any man's house. This is because that our children needs to go to school.

So to our dear parents, our children can sometimes makes some mistakes in life do to because they were not guided. Please don't abound them in those their dark moment. Always don't make them to go into some traumas. Still accommodate them.

So that they can be better people in future. So parents should make sure they guides and protects their children from unwanted pregnancy. This is because, unwanted pregnancy is a destiny destroyer, which is only God can save one from there when ever someone is affected.

I know a lot of people can say, that poverty can take someone to this kind of condition, but its better to suffer yourself in training them in anyway that you should than exposing them to some dangers.

So when you don't take care of them, that means you have to expect something like this on the picture. If if you trains them, it will must pay you in the future.

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