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If school is a scam; why not do this instead

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It will be a waste of time thinking that your certificate literally translates to financial success.

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What will make you wealthy is you using the knowledge you acquired in school to solve a problem and make money from the venture

A lot of young people have failed to distinguish between schooling, learning and education.

"School na scam" has turned out to be the most used phrase among students to express their thought about school.

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The University education, is meant to lead every student to the threshold of fulfilling their potentials in life but a lot of students are getting it wrong.

The fact that you have a certificate and couldn't get a job is not to be blamed on school but yourself and the failed government system here in Nigeria.

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If you should study an engineering course or any other courses in school, nothing should stop you from practicing in your field after school and earn more money for yourself instead of going about the motto "school na scam".

If you think school is a scam to you, why not find your way out and find something else that worth it.

The school is meant to open up your mind, increase your process thinking and also, a creative person.

Think about these things.

Thank you for reading.

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