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Why on earth does Arteta have faith in David Luiz?

THENAIJA3 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. What possessed Arsenal to purchase David Luiz at the end, of the transfer window in 2019 will be a question many Arsenal, fans are still asking to this day. His appearances for the club have, been like a player who has been sent to spy on another team and cause their demise.

Despite popping up with an odd goal every now and then, Luiz has been nothing but a liability to Arsenal! His latest mistake coming against Manchester City in both teams’ first game back, after the Lockdown period. He is prone to a few red cards as we have seen ,from his footballing days but it is clear to see that Luiz is not the best fit for Arsenal.

He will always be known as a Chelsea player but when he wears the Arsenal shirt he is a ,completely different person it seems. His continuous lack of concentration and connection with his teammates is causing us all sorts of problems, having been known to be the team that cannot defend at the best of times, with Luiz in the side it seems those problems increase 100% more.

Arsenal without Luiz seems strong enough in defence, but with him not so much. This was clear to see against City, for 22 minutes of the game Arsenal were in control and looked like they could take something away from the Etihad, but two injuries in the space of minutes meant Luiz had to come on to replace Pablo Mari at the back. His appearance consisted of giving away one goal from open play, giving away a penalty for City’s second and receiving a red card for the challenge on Gabirel Jesus, leading up to the penalty. All in all his return after lockdown lasted less than 30 minutes.

Fans assumed and prayed this would be last we, saw of him in an Arsenal shirt but somehow Arsenal and Luiz, had reached an agreement that would, see him extend his contract for at least another year. Bring on the confusion and angry rants from many Arsenal fans!

Luiz can be a strong player when put in midfield but Arteta has been using him as a defender, could the plan going forward be that he uses him as a defensive midfielder? Could the contract extension, have come because of the injury to Xhaka? But with Xhaka now back quicker than expected, signing Luiz up for another season seems like another big mistake to add to the long list for Arsenal.

While other teams are smiling at the thought of playing against ,an Arsenal team including Luiz for another season, many Arsenal fans are frustrated at the thought of yet another season full of possible ,defenceless errors costing the team a place where they belong.

Why does Arteta have faith in Luiz, Gooners?

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