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Hushpuppy and his team scammed 1,926,400 people: Dubai Police reveals how they did it

BetterGodson 06/25/2020

Hushpuppy and his team scammed 1,926,400 people

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Hushpuppy the instagram celebrity with flamboyant lifestyle with no know source of income was arrested earlier this month. More stories are emerging with respect to Hushpuppy arrest. 

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The Dubai E police have being on Hushpuppy trail for long. They revealed that Hushpupoy and his team of fraudsters have scammed 1,926,400 victims. That's much! 

This was discovered after their hideout was raided and Hushpuppy other team members were arrested. The Dubai E police explained how they defraud people. Hushpuppy and his team creates fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims payment to their own account. The team specialised in hacking corporate accounts and sending fake messages to client to redirect financial transfers and peoples bank details to their own accounts. 

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Some of the victims of the 1,926,400 must have commited suicide after losing their savings. Some might be in depression. 

How can humans defraud more than a million people only to lavish the money, go to parties, travel round the world, why people cry in pains. 

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Ademola--Femi · 06/25/2020
These are some people's role model o. Lol God punish Yahoo boys.
IykeMaster · 06/25/2020
Hushpupi how mkt ..you never poor pass the poorest man for Lagos now? see your big belly ..go reduce for prison .. 75 years in prison ..
innocent.c · 06/25/2020
where is Abike Dabire ? , some one should tell her, baby have been caught red-handed.
+234-805479**** · 06/25/2020

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