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Fiction:"My Husband Requested For My Nude Picture, I sent It, Now He Is Using It Against Me".

Juliatee 06/25/2020

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It has been my long time desire to marry a man I love with all my heart, and right from childhood, I have being living a decent and responsible lifestyle.

My name is Oluwasewamipe(a yoruba name), My parent were Christian and I follow their religion. I live a fulfilled lifestyle, because am somehow lucky, I did my WAEC ( west African examination council) once, I passed, applied for jamb( joint admission and matriculation board), I passed as well, I finished my course successfully and came out with distinction, all glory to God, I got a good job and I was happy.

I met a man three years ago, his name is Daniel, before the end of the month we met, we became lovers, we started dating, he introduced me to his family members and I was glad to saw them, during this period of dating, he didn't hide anything from me, I trusted him so much, and obey him, he is caring and loving also. We finally agreed to marry each other last year, during this time, we were working in the same city, we did our wedding and it was a remarkable day for me, because I marry a man of my dream, I didn't know I was mistaken.

Few months ago, he got a transfer to continue his work in Abuja, when I heard this, I became very upset, I couldn't gave him a reply not until the following day, I approached my husband and we both discussed on what to do, we finally concluded that since the work will lasted for just a year, and I cannot leave my own job, that will should gave it a trier. The following week, he was ready to leave , I wept bitterly, I couldn't control it, he embrace me and promise to remain faithful and loyal, during this period, we are yet to have a child.

Few weeks later, my husband called me that he is missing me so much and of course, I missed him too, that night, he requested that I should send my nude picture so as to keep him more committed, as his wife, I didn't have a second thought than to send it, of which I did, this continue for about three days, not knowing to me that the work we both agreed he has been doing was not the real job he was doing, how do I know this? You will soon know, let us continue with the story, some years ago when am still a youth, I met a young man, this man requested for my help financially, I gave him the last money on me, he was very happy because he wanted to pay his school fees, fortunately he returned the money, I then told him I didn't borrow him that I gave him the money, since then we became friends, when I got married to my husband, I didn't have access to him anymore because we changed our location.

This my friend made me realised that I married my enemy, how? Unfortunately he met my husband in Abuja, where they both became friends remember he didn't recognise my husband, do you want to know, my husband is a yahoo man( internet fraudster), he has been fooling me all these years, my friend all of a sudden became a yahoo man too, because of the nature of their work, they became very intimate.

According to what my friend told me while he was revealing the secret, he said one day, he requested for a nude picture of any Lady from my husband, that he need to upload one to dupe his customers, unfortunately the nude picture my husband sent to him was actually my pictures, he said he was shocked to see it was me, he then said that was how he looked for my contact and called me.

My people, this is the husband I vowed to spend the rest of my life with, right now I am very disappointed and feel betrayed, do you think i shouldn't have sent the pictures, but he is my husband, should I divorce him? please I need your advice on what to do, who knows maybe my friend was not be the only person requesting for my picture from my husband, my friend said I should take it easy with him,can I do that? he is my man for cry out loud, I can't handle this all alone, please I need your advice on what to do.

Please share this to your friends and family, let me also have their advice, thank you.

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Top Comments
+260-097324**** · 06/25/2020
yo hubby is a fool for starters,n I wud advise u leave him,hr doesn't respect n love u as his wife.
Itahkadgreat · 06/25/2020
huummm human is unpredictable its your fault because you're carried away with love .

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