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Reasons Nigeria and Biafra will Gain Nothing from Splitting but will Gain more if United.

remirogba 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I have taken my time to study with interest the agitation of the South East region of Nigeria to separate from the country called Nigeria. They have come with genuine excuses that the Nigerian government has not been fair to them. In fairness, we all should have equal say in the affairs of our great nation.

I my own opinion that I have formed through my understanding of leadership style in Africa and in Nigeria is that if the country should split it's still going to be the same old story. Even if, we split we will still complain about ethnic groups in the various zones trying to dominate the other ethnic minorities In each zone.

It was this same struggle that got us independence in 1960 from the colonial master. My brothers what have we to show for it. The creation of State is to bring development close to the people at the state level how many states are actually developed. What about the local government areas. What about the oil-producing States, see what the Niger Delta Development Commission is doing. What did you have to show for the allocation given for the development of the Oil producing region?

To my best understanding, the regional government would have been the best form of government for Nigeria. Where each zone is allowed to control its own resources. And allocate very little to the central government.

States and region will then developed agricultural lands with the weather to grow specific crops that best suits them and begin the production of cash crops for export for foreign exchange earnings. The Northern Nigerian is known to be able to produce cash crops like cotton, and oil crops like groundnut, soybean, Millets, rice, and animal products like cheese, hides, and skins. Minerals elements like Iron ore, Tin, and Gold and crude oil which, also have been found in the North. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The West can also develop cash crops like cocoa, coffee, rice, and other fruits crops and vegetables. Solid minerals like Gold, precious stones, bitumen and crude oil which is in found in South West of Nigeria in commercial quantities. The East also has Cash crops like rubber and oil palm that can be cultivated to bring in more foreign exchange for the region in addition to crude oil exploration.

The over-dependent on crude oil is failing us. Let every region go back to agricultural product development and raw materials production, for our local processing industries. The regional system of government will pay us more than splitting. We have duel so much over things that divide us as a nation than things that unit us a great nation.

Nigeria is a country blessed with both humans and natural resources. We have all that it takes to be among the world powers of the world. Let the unit and bring back the Naija spirit that nerve gives up. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
AlexNeburagho · 06/25/2020
My oriental brothers and sisters l was a young boy when Baifrian soldiers captured us mid western region l was in primary school l knew what my family underwent safeguarding our brothers property l have cousin from onisha who was hiding in our ceiling meanwhile the black scorpion was in my dad sitting room what am trying to say if I get out of Nigeria the black man would not have a say in the world
SamEche · 06/30/2020
Yes , we will gain more as a true United Nation without hatred to one another, without enving one another's progress, nepotism, selfishness etc. But were unity doesn't work, speration become answer
+255-71456**** · 06/30/2020
correct the injustices and imbalances , 🏠 divided can easily fall and would inspire other separatists
MukailaOdesanmi · 06/27/2020
You have said your own view. Let's separate so that each region to talk to each other the way they can understand themselves.

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