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Revealed: See four (4) clear reasons why “hellfire” does not exist (opinion)

spirado2 06/26/2020

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When you come to religion and beliefs, some people believe in the existence of God, while others don’t. Similarly, on one hand, some humans agree that hellfire exists, while others disagree with the assertion that there is a place called hellfire. Whatever their beliefs are, they must have reasons for them.

Those who counteract the existence of hellfire believe that the teachings being thought by various religious leaders are just abstract imaginations of places that have zero probability of reality. In other words, hellfire was created in the minds of some and put down in writing for some religious followers to believe in it.

According to some groups of people, it is a place where people who lived ungodly life here on earth would go when they die – a place where they will suffer from eternity to eternity. Some of the reasons that contradict the reality of hellfire are the existence of spirit, the reappearance of dead people, the belief that there’s another world, and the belief in the resurrection of the dead at the last day.

Firstly, the reality of spirits might be doubted by some but spirits do exist. When people die, their spirits sometimes appear to the earth, although there is no scientific evidence to prove that there are spirits. According to hellfire-believers, if someone dies, they face judgment and go to either heaven, where they would have eternal life, or go to hellfire, where they would suffer perpetually. But sometimes, when people die, their spirits continue to hover on earth – when it supposed to be in a resting place or hellfire. To this end, one would agree that the dead people’s spirits do not follow them to the grave, and subsequently to hellfire or heaven, therefore, it is possible that the belief on hellfire is an imaginary tale.

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Secondly, there are overwhelming shreds of evidence that sometimes dead people are found in other parts of the world or country living their normal lives like every other human. These stories about people who die prematurely in one state and re-appear in other state are no more common in society.

If actually hellfire exists – when people die – they ought to be in either heaven or hellfire, according to some religious beliefs. But the reappearance of dead people to exist elsewhere doubts, to a great extent, the reality of hellfire. These believers belief wholeheartedly that judgment proceeds after death; however, if that be the case dead people would not be re-surfacing because they would have to be in the right place [heaven or hellfire] depending on how they lived their lives when they were alive.

In addition, some people believe that there is another world that dead people transition to when they die. This belief in the afterlife is also another point that questions the reality of hellfire. These groups of people claim that some humans migrate to the other world when they sleep. When people sleep, they do no longer know what is happening around them, rather their spirits move into another world to live temporarily.

Furthermore, there is also a belief that at the last day, dead people would rise again to face judgment and righteous people would grow wings and fly to heaven. Is this not a contradiction to the belief that judgment follows after death? If actually people would resurrect from the dead to face judgment, it then means that they have been living somewhere while they were dead, possibly in another world. When one takes a closer look at these theories, it becomes clearer that they are contradicting themselves in many ways, and these in turn create uncertainty concerning the belief in hellfire.

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Believing in the existence of hellfire, therefore, requires vast evidence to convince people that actually, there is a place called hellfire. Again, its location must be established beyond all reasonable doubts because it has been widely believed that God dwells in heaven above the earth with his angels and saints who lived an emulative life on earth. If God lives up there in heaven, where then is hellfire located? Or is it situated beneath the earth?

People should learn to make factual claims about the reality of places and not just create imaginary places that, maybe, do not exist. Every hypothesis should be supported by proves that are verifiable. Hellfire hasn’t been witnessed by anyone before, because of this; it could be true that there is no place as hellfire. People believe that it is the pit of hell, whereas scientifically, it is impossible for a pit to exist in heaven or above the earth. Every other part of the earth is covered by water if not land; if there is really a pit of hell, it should be underneath the waters – where people also claim that some super-humans or demigods live.

In summary, it is possible that the world might not come to an end as opposed to some religious claims. The world could be seen as a continuous process after death. When people die they transition to another world and continue to dwell there, probably; they begin to grow and start a new life as it is in the case of newly-born babies here on earth. Generations have come and gone, expecting the end of the world to approach, yet people continue to die and new humans keep on emerging to balance the population. Additionally, technology and science persist with advancement to make the earth a more livable place for humans.

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