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Meet The Three Notable Politicians That Abandoned Jonathan in 2015 and How The are Today

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The 2015 general election scenario which leads to good luck Jonathan losing his second term bid may have come and gone, but still fresh in the main of many Nigeria.

And this political plot was carried out by these three notable politicians, who switch from PDP to joined the APC and by doing so, the broom party defeated him

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1.Atiku Abubakar: Atiku Abubakar’s his a two-term former vice president of Nigeria, under the PDP platform, he decided to decamp from his party to the APC in 2014 with other staunch members, just to achieve his dream of becoming the president of Nigeria, but was stop halfway, these affected Jonathan second term bid because he left with his supporters and wealth of political experience. But today he has been retired politically due to the fact that he contested again in 2019 and was defeated by President Buhari

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2. Rotimi Amaechi: he is the former governor of Rivers State, and currently the minister of transport under President Buhari government, things begin to fall apart between him and the PDP federal government towards the end of his second tenure as Governor. It gets worse to the extent that he needed to abandoning the party and throwing his weight behind the APC. Today, everything is roses for him in his new home

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3.  Rabiu Kwankwaso: Kwankwaso’s departure from the umbrella party to APC in 2014 was a big lose o the party, due to the fact that Kano state vote, was something any candidate who wishes to clinch the position of Nigeria’s president should not joke with. Today he has been retired by his successor

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