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Sorry Guys, But You'll Never Get A Genuine Girlfriend If You Keep On Doing These 3 Things

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We have all those wonderful and beautiful fantasies to make a perfect girl maybe curved, super pretty, with a nice lovely smile and appearances. But at present, you think you live those ideal dreams to achieve that special person.

Let's get straight to the point, I'm not going to tell you stuff you've got to do to get the girl you've always wanted, but the other way around, stuff you 're supposed to do. Guys, I want you to be careful because I'm pretty sure you're going to appreciate and quickly understand what I'm about to say.

3 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want To Step Up Your Ladies Game:

1.Stop Being Too Needy: The Part Most guys get their game wrong and lose a particular girl is when they pose or act to be too needy, I mean too needy by always being at the feet of the girl and wanting her love and by all means loving aggressively. Just because the girl does not reciprocate your love doesn't mean that you should start to go outside and act like a boy who wants to suck his mother's udder or start crying and begging for her love.

Remember, guys who can not handle situations like a real man don't like girls. You ask me how you can stop crying like a baby? You just have to do what I call Push and Pull you guys.

What am I talking about? This is a technique that can't fail you only if you apply it the right way, when you've got a girl you really like and you're already talking to her, reading and reading Carefully guys, don't let it be so obvious you like her right away. You can give her some hints, but it's better to be like an unresolved mystery to let her think "does this guy like me or what his purpose and mission is." Maybe she decides to talk to her friends about you and that way they 're also interested in knowing who you really are and talking about you more often than other guys.

Now, that's where my strategy comes in, you flirt a little with her and then suddenly act uninterested (push & pull) but please make the pushing less so you don't appear arrogant or gigantic.

Let me send you an example, so that you do not misfire:-

And what I'm going to use in this example is called playful restrictions, which means bringing up a flirty idea and imposing some unique restrictions on it:

"You can hug me, but don't hold me too tight, 'cause I know what you're already thinking about (Mind you, that's for those who're already hug buddies with the girl)." Now, if you try this technique, she either laughs at it and still goes for the hug, or she feels offended and refuses the hug. But either way you win you hear me out guys.

If she does the first outcome, you know she may even like you already, but if she does the second, it means she was shocked that a man, unlike others, wouldn't jump into a girl's arms, but when she sits to think about it, she'll love it and try to see why you're different and trust me, it worked well for me.

2.Having Only One Girl's Contacts On Your phone: Oh my, this has created so many lol-depressed people. When you email a girl and she doesn't respond or you see the blue thickness and after 15mins she still doesn't respond.

Most guys get upset and start thinking "why isn't she answering," "I've written something wrong," some even go ahead and start typing blank messages calling her name asking if she's still there or asking if she's mad. Some even go ahead to exploit the girl. Bro! Kid! Stop that if you're in that group, go out and meet more girls get their number and have less than 10-12 girls that you're messaging on WhatsApp or some other social media site.

So when days like this come up you 're just going to channel your anger and talk with a lady. Funny enough maybe she was really busy or even at a meeting when you've written and most of the time after you've chatted with another girl she'll probably respond, apologize or give you the excuse she couldn't respond you.

But if you were desperate just like the Instances I gave you earlier you would just throw away your chances of getting her, why?? Because on your phone you had no rebound, or rather contact with other people.

3.Texting a girl A day or 6 hours After Collecting Her Number: This is where most guys get it all wrong particularly in Africa, we all think we have to wait a while to write a girl so she thinks "I'm a hard man."

Guys, Stop acting lame. Do you know why this is never going to work for you? Most hot girls meet around 3 new guys in a day. Let's say she met you and was possibly drawn to you, and then, a couple of hours later, she met another guy who texted her in less than 49 minutes and began his advances. Trust me if that guy 's good enough in his game that he'll get her the next day even before you text Hi.

It's still uncool that she even thinks about you, and when she asks "Who's this?" you start to explain yourself again, like you've never met her before. In less than an hour after meeting her, I personally text a girl to ignite the connection that was already there when we physically met. There's a lot more I'll love to share with you guys but for now these three strategies I gave you might bring a meaningful difference to your game.

If you think my article was helpful, please like and drop your comments below. Don't forget Lol .... That is what prompts me to write more useful articles. Pleasure.

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Emoubosa. · 06/30/2020
spare me, there's no universal law for Humans, different strokes they say.
Josemila · 07/1/2020
some ladies are really funny they will send you fwend request when you chat them they will see it but they won't reply as for me peradventure they do that to me gonna unfriend them with immediate effect
+234-701111**** · 06/30/2020
base on the chatting and not responding own, not that i don't have others to chat with, and she keeps that habit of not replying or replying a day later. omo! na delete straight, like i just did.
MichaelsMidas · 07/2/2020
girlfriend no be by force, na money dey my mind

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