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He is Not a Wizard, But He Can Read Your Mind, and Know Exactly What You're Thinking

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Mind reading is a hynotic technique that a few persons have come to master, and it is fast becoming one of the most sought after skills in the world.

But be that as it may, a lot of people are still in doubt as to whether it is possible for someone to read the mind of his fellow human. Many people believe that it is not possible, as this ability is only reserved for the divine.

But still, there are people who claim to have this rare ability. And not only do they claim, but they have demonstrated it openly in such a way that it erases all your doubts, and gives you reason to believe in this skill.

But whether this special skill is learned or innate, is another question that people always have to deal with. But those who do this will always tell you that mind reading is not a trick, as most people often believe, but that it is a skill that they have mastered over the course of time.

One of them is a young man from Ghana called Ahokagya. This young man can read your mind, and know exactly what you are thinking. He is not a wizard, but it is just a skill that he possesses.

In a recent interview with BBC, Ahokagya said that he noticed he was blessed with this skill even from younger years, when he discovered that most of the things he could do, neither his parents nor his friends could do them.

He said that he could read people's mind, and know exactly what they had inside their minds. But it was sort of strange to a lot of people, because they didn't know where he got such ability from. From there people started calling him a wizard, and because of that he was forced to hid the skill, and not exhibit it anymore.

He kept the skill hidden for some years, before he finally realized that he could actually put it into good use.

After years of perfecting this special art, he has come to command influence in his environment with the skill.

To further demonstrate his ingenuity, he decided to test his skill with the BBC reporter who was interviewing him. He asked him to choose four digit codes, and save them in his mind, without showing them to him.

As the guy hid the digits from him, he then told him that he wants to use his eyes and see the numbers. And as he looked into the guy's eyes, he was able to tell exactly the four digit codes that the young man had chosen.

The BBC reporter was very surprised, and he went on to do a few other experiments, and in all of them, he was able to read the guy's mind and get the answers right.

When asked about what he felt about Ahokagya's skill, the renowned Ghanaian psychologist, Dr. Akwasi Osei, said that Ahokagya's skill is not witchcraft, neither is it anything demonic, but that it falls under what is called parapsychology.

He added that only 0.1 percent of the world's population is blessed with this skill.

When asked how Ahokagya's skill can be of benefit to the society, he said that the young man's skill can be used as a lie detector to solve serious criminal cases, and also in security and court systems.

Imagine when you are trying to extract information from a hardened criminal. All you need to do is to bring Ahokagya to where the criminal is, he will simply look into the criminal's eyes, and know everything he's hiding in his mind.

And if you live with someone like that in the house, you cannot tell him lies, because he will surely see that you're lying. In fact, he will be the one to tell you the truth that you're hiding from him.

See his photos here below:

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What do you think about this young man's skills? Would you love to have that kind of skill? And in what way do you think his skill can be put to use in the society?

Would you even love to have someone like that as your friend or partner - someone you cannot lie to? Please let's know your opinion. Also like and share the article so that others can share in this.

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MikeMumanyi · 07/21/2020
he is an oloshe
theWest · 07/18/2020
he might have mastered the art of knowing people thought through their eyes and facial expression.. but only God has the power to know what is going through someone mind
Lahmzymic · 07/16/2020
this kind ability is really cool but weird
+234-706593**** · 07/5/2020

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