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How The Chinese People Cook Their Cockroach Meal

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Hello guys,welcome to my article. Hope you are doing good and keeping safe. Most importantly,I hope you are praying too.

So on today's blog,I decided to take us through something different. Today,we are going to be looking at a particular meal which is eaten by a particular set of people.

As you all know,there is a popular saying that goes "Another man's food is another man's poison" so what might seem extremely weird to you might be your neighbour's favourite! What we are basically saying here is that the cockroach you and I run away from is what the Chinese don't joke with!

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It is no new news that the Chinese are kind of weird and so different when it comes to food due to the fact that they eat different unbelievable creatures like toads,lizards,e.t.c. And guess what,the cockroaches which you and I freak out at when we see is a sumptuous meal for the Chinese people. Infact,to them,it is a very nutritious delicacy to them.

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Over here,when you and I see roaches,we either look for a broom or a slipper to hit them to death and for someone like me who's scared of them,I either look for someone to kill them for me or use my insecticide but the Chinese see the six-legged insects as something treasurable.

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In China,there is the cockroach farm where roaches are bred in extra-large quantities and harvested for sale.

There,roaches are used for either food consumption,medicinal purposes,animal feed or to get rid of animal waste.

The Chinese believe that the greatest effects of cockroaches are that they have great immunity which is why humans will absorb its' benefits after eating them. Over there,it is also believed that roaches are high in protein.

There are different species of roaches.

The 'Periplaneta americana' is one of the largest species that are consumed for ailments like stomach ulcers and respiratory tract problems.

The B-lateris colony is usually the one much more consumed for food.

Now,just incase you are already wondering how I got to know these,well,I stumbled upon it on Google so you can actually refer to google in order to read more.

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So without wasting much of our time,let us now quickly take you through the process(es) by which the Chinese Prepare their cockroach before eating.

There might be other ways in which they prepare their roaches but what we are looking at today is how they fry it. So get a seat as we take you through;

1)It is put in a ziplock bag and kept in a freezer to kill for about five(5) minutes. However,I think this is optional.

2)They are washed and dried on a sheet of paper towel.

3)A frying pan is heat with some olive oil.

4)They are fried until they become brown and crispy.

5)The oil is removed and the heat is turned off. A small amount of sugar and soy sauce is added.

6)When the sugar melts and turns into caramel,they are taken out of the pan and put in a dish.

Yes! There you have it! That is how or let's say,one of the ways your favourite Chinese people fry and eat their roaches.

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Check out the picture above. Look at how the meal was garnished. If you were served this,would you know that you were given roaches?

Can you now see that another man's food is another man's poison?

Now let's ask you a few questions;

Would you love to taste the cockroach meal some day?

If you visited China,would that be the first meal you would like to be served?

Do you wish you were a Chinese already?

Would you marry a Chinese?

Lol,please,let's get your answers in the comment section.

Also,if you know anything more about the Chinese and their cockroach meal,then,please,let us know in the comment section too so that our knowledge can be broadened because as you know,learning is a continuous process.

Meanwhile,until I cross your path again,thank you for reading.

Stay safe and prayerful!

I'm Madonna Iretiayo A.

I.G @madonna_mydonna.

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