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Fiction: Lost in love (episode 18)



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Jackson’s pov continues

“Fiona what do u do dat for” I asked feeling totally irritated “look jack. I hate the fact that u have to be my step brother I really really love you” Fiona said I sighed angrily and said “for god’s sake films would you please stop that I don’t like you at all, there’s someone out there who loves you for you, ”who? ” she asked sarcastically, “Dexter!! ” I exclaimed while she rolled her eyes and said “I don’t care Dexter is just like a tiny pest disturbing my entire life” ..

“what!! ” I said angrily. “okay look Fiona lemme tell you what u don’t know , the way you feel towards Dexter that’s the way I feel towards you, you’re just like a tiny pest disturbing my entire life. You should be happy I became your step brother but look you’re not. You’re just so selfish that you don’t care about how others feel. you just want everything to your self. You don’t think you act so childish you’re so juvenile and and.

Gosh, Please Fiona for god’s sake I’m begging you realise your mistakes you should be happy that someone like Dexter loves you, what do you want from me that he doesn’t have, you absolutely know that am dating Jenny but yet you still being selfish.

Now am your half brother and you still want to date me isn’t that crazy? becuse of your evilness and selfishness everyone is afraid of u but still Dexter still accepted you for who u are. He loves you and trust me you’ll never find anyone like him and I’m not even up to his standard” when I said all these I didn’t realise I was making sense I didn’t even know Fiona was crying “I Don’t know what to say.

” she said slowly “I have to go” she immediately said and dashed out of my room and to hers.

Fiona’s pov

I cried softly on my pillow jack is a million percent right, I am being selfish, maybe I think it’s time to give Dexter a chance, I hope he still forgives me for the way I talked to him earlier, I sat down quietly realising my mistakes, I looked at my wrist and saw the bandage lying there I couldn’t believe I fought all in the name of love, all the name that I fought for a handsome dude who later turned out to be my brother.

Suddenly I heard a soft knock on the door I quickly cleaned my tears and turned on the lights “come in” I yelled. And the door crept open while Audrey walked in smiling she paused and looked at me weirdly and asked “have you been crying”. “crying no way why would I be” I said trying to cover everything up.

“cause I saw you crying while coming out from Jack’s room, well anyway I came to tell you mom prepared a feast, let’s just say nighttime dinner so hurry up and come down before the foods gets cold, and fiona please stop being selfish and end up with Dexter even though know who he is.

And I’ve been eavesdropping on every conversation you and my brother made see ya” Audrey and happily Walked out. “wow that is one smart child” I said and hurriedly cleaned my face properly and opened the door but accidentally bumping into jack. “oh am so sorry ” I said while he replied “it’s okay” without even looking at me as he wanted to go I said “wait.

Jack, He stopped on his track and said “what” and then Turned.

“I’ve realised that all you said was true, I was being real selfish I was just a jerk. I promise I’ll quit all this if you’ll forgive me ” I said tenderly and for the first time I felt guilty for what I did. I waited for Jackson reply and he finally said.

“are you sure, cause you’ve played me before”. ”trust me brother it wont happen again I promise and I finally think it’s time to give dex a chance” a smiled curved on Jackson lips and he said “thanks and I forgive. I happily jumped up and hugged him.

”whoa whoa watch it lady” he said while I left his body and said “sorry”.”it’s okay” jack said calmly and smiled and I felt like a load a really heavy load came off my chest.” you’re the best brother anyone could ever have and I’m so happy to be your sister”, i said while he replied “ditto. Let’s go our foods can’t eat their self” Jackson said and we both laughed and went to join others.

fionas pov continues

The next I got ready for school and so did jack We both got to school and the first person,well actually people we saw was Chris and Mabel, and Jack greeted them and so did I Mabel didn’t respond to my greeting so I took my time and apologized to her and she gracefully forgave me and that moment she looked beautiful. Getting to Jenny it wasn’t an easy task I had to go on my knees for her to finally believe and accept me as a friend and maybe sister in-law I guess.

Even though Jenny forgaved me, she still didn’t like me she forgave me just for the sake of Jackson.. And then to Dexter It wasn’t that tough I told him even though I don’t like him yet I’d try and he accepted.

Jackson’s pov

Everytin was perfectly fine as Fiona turned a new leaf. I mean girl or whatever they call it As our exam drew closer my love for jenny grew stronger my mom became pregnant for Mr Greene and she was madly excited. Fiona and Audrey always argues with me that it’s going to be a girl while I said its going to be a boy. And then we made a bet that if it’s a girl I’m going to be Fiona and Audrey’s slave for three months and if it’s a boy fiona and Audrey would be my slave for six months. And my momma just couldn’t stop laughing.

Finally our exam came and passed every one couldn’t wait for prom night, Friday night which happened to be my birthday and also the love of my life birthday.

Slowly Fiona and Dexter got to like each other real mad, while Max asked Ashley out Jenny’s friend, as you all know Edward dated Sarah and Chris dated mabel.

The big day finally arrived and dad got me my very own car cause it was my birthday and Audrey insisted for hers which my mom laughed but Audry took it serious.

I used my new car to pick my date to the prom “Happy Birthday dearest My Lovely girl and my missing part” i said and kissed her gently on the lips she smiled and i hand over my present to her she dropped it on her tigh and said.

“well if you’re waiting for your present birthday boy it’s after the prom ” “okay no problem ” i said and smiled.

I drove her to the prom.

Getting there the party was lit and rich everyone was looking good and Fiona was just sticking around with Dexter. Let’s just say the party was amazing and i couldn’t believe me and Jenny won prom king and queen.

As the prom ended the song “thousand years ” by “Christiana perri” played everyone danced slowly with their dates. I placed my hands on her waist and she placed hers on my shoulder and we danced to the music and slowly k_ss.

I drove Jenny home and she said i should escort her to her room and then i said “yeah b4 i forget, where’s my present. Jenny smiled sed_ctively and said “my present is me giving my body to you tonight and please don’t say no“.

I swallowed hard and said “okay, and yeah we did it.

The end

Thanks for reading, love y’all, pls drop your comments

watch out for my next story.

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