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My Boyfriend Dumped Me Because His Mother Told Him Not To Marry From My Tribe (fiction)

Naija_24hrsnews 06/29/2020

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I am Joy Effion by name and I am from owerri west local government in imo state. I am 35 years now without a life partner why because my husband to be dumped me, why because his mother told him not to marry me again because I am from a different tribe.

I and Tunde have been dating for the past four years, we knew each other so well that one can hardly believe that we are not married. It all started while we were in campus, I was stranded at one particular voyage my whole money was finished, and where I was going was still very far I was to go to one of my course mate house to collect our departmental project and I didn't know that the money I carried was not going to be enough, I left and when I got to a particular point my whole money was exhausted, I was just stranded in the park when my guardian angel arrived, he asked me where I was going to I waved him off even though his handsomeness was irresistible I tried to blush. He persisted to know my condition at that moment so I gave him a try I explained everything to him and in no distance time he gave me more than my transport money, I was so happy and surprised that he did not request for my contact maybe he is married I thought.

After that day went, I ran into Tunde again while I was trying to submit the project, we discussed for quite some hours and from then we became friends. We exchanged contacts and started chatting, our relationship grew so long that even when we graduated, it continued. Tunde promised to marry me when he finishes his extra one year course that qualifies him to be a medical doctor, I was so happy and could not wait to become a MRS.

During the one year course Tunde was pursuing, he travelled home to see his sick mum while he was in the village his mother passed away due to her critical health condition. All medical treatment to revive her proved abortive, when Tunde told me about it I was sorrowful and mourned with him. After one week of his mother's death, Tunde stopped talking about our future together, he gave silly reasons whenever I brought up the topic until one day he got the cat out of the bag and told me the reason.

Tunde said that before his mother died, she asked him to promise her that he won't marry an Igbo girl, and as the only son of his mother he said yes. When I heard this I was dumbfounded, I asked him why the mother said so before she died , he said that his mother never liked Igbo girls right from her Childhood, she always despised them and call them cheap girls. She said that Igbo girls love money and they are ready to do anything just for money, even though it involves selling their marriage.

I tried everything to make Tunde change his mind but he refused, I cried bitterly because I have wasted my life all in vain, I have waited four solid years for Tunde and this is what I got in return........

Right now I need advise, please if were in my shoes right now, what would you do? I am old now getting to menopause, will any man still accept me???

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Top Comments
UgahFrancisOscar · 06/30/2020
your name is confusing me if actually you are from Igbo that name is Akwabom name
ChinaduJohnboco · 06/29/2020
am look for a woman to marry OK I from Anambra state so if you can
+234-703855**** · 07/2/2020
we are in the same shoe, my GF left coz her mummy told her am not a deeper life member. that she doesn't support the relationship. I be like in this present Age!!!
EduOkpokamOriaifo · 07/2/2020
Walk away, God has his ways.

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