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Please Read! A Teenager Who Raped A Girl But Jailed After His Father Dragged Him To The Station.

ReadNews.com.ng 06/29/2020

Jack Evans, 18, text his victim to apologise two months after his crime.

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His dad Jonathan and stepmother Sarah Morris found the message on his phone and insisted he hand himself in.

Jack Evans leaves Merthyr Tydfil Crown has been jailed for raping a young lady after his parents dragged him to a police station and made him confess his crime.

Jack is said to be a 18 and happened to be takeaway restaurant worker, from Pontypool, South Wales as a teenager.

Evans forced him self on a young lady who was a virgin according to report.

Jack, however tried to escape with his act but, he was caught after two months via a text sent to the Virgin who fell victim.

His father, Jonathan Evans and his step mother, Sarah Morris saw the text he sent to the young lady two months after the incident. And Evans was forced to report him self.

She didn't make a complaint but two months later Evans and his stepmother turned up at a police station to say what had really happened after seeing the text.

Detectives afterward tracked down the victim, Claire Pickthall who had not made a complaint until then. And She revealed to the officers how she had been a virgin before the attack.

According Claire Pickthall, the victim, she said: "He carried on anyway despite her telling him to stop and trying to push him off.

The prosecutor, Claire Pickthall said, she was left feeling "worthless" and unable to trust men again.

Defence lawyer Gareth Williams said: ‘It is extremely rare for anyone to admit to such a serious offence without there being a complaint.’

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said there were aggravating features and Evans had to be locked up.

She told him: "Two months after the incident you apologised to your victim and said you understood why she was upset.

"But that text came came to the attention of your father and mother who took you to a police station.

"You told an officer your name and said you'd has sex with the young woman."

However, Jack Evans has now been sentenced to two years in a Young Offenders’ Institution at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.

Evans was 17 at the time of the incident but became an adult before he was charged with harassing the woman.

His father, Jonathan Evans said after the case: "I wanted him to tell the truth, he had to do the right thing and admit his guilt.

It’s been difficult for all of us and it’s caused quite a few arguments.

People what's your opinion on what his father did?

Please Let's hear in the comment box below.

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