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This is how much Liverpool will be walking away with and other breakdown of the revenue in the EPL

Trip004 06/26/2020

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Twenty teams compete each year for the lions share of the revenue in the English premier league. Some of the teams end up top of the table while while some are swept away back to the championship. 

The revenue for each teams are not equal and it depends on a lot of factors such as, the position of each team, Number of televised matches, facilities and so on.

Chelsea defeated man city yesterday by 2goals to 1 to hand Liverpool the league title for the first time in 30 years. They will be walking away with a sum of £150, 000,000. Since we still have 7 matches left to play, the position of other teams will determine their revenue.

Here is a breakdown of how the money will be allocated.

 Equal share - 50% of all finances are shared equally regardless of position.

Facility Revenue - 25% are shared based on the number of matches broadcasted in the UK.

Merits payment - 25% shared based on the position they Finnish.

Central Commercial Revenue - Equally shared

International Broadcasting Revenue - Equally shared.


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