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See the funny video of a Nigerian comedian mocking Hushpuppi after his arrest

Africanews1 06/26/2020

Ramoni Igbalode is a Nigerian social media influencer and philanthropist who is popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi for showing off his expensive and luxurious lifestyle on his Instagram account.

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Recall that Ray Hushpuppi was recently arrested in his apartment at Dubai and it was later revealed by Dubai media house that Hushpuppi scammed almost two million people and he was able to acquire over 450 million dollars through illegal means.

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A popular Nigerian comedian identified as @shank_comics on twitter took to his twitter account to share a funny video of himself telling Hushpuppi's and it seems that the video is indirectly mocking Hushpuppi.

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Shank comics is a very popular comedian and social media influencer who was able acquire 115 thousand followers on twitter because of his amazing contents.

Shank comics shared the video few hours after Dubai media house shared the video of how Hushpuppi was arrested in his hotel. Shank comic shared the funny video and caption the post "

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