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How My Husband's Side Chick Almost Killed My Children With Witchcraft [FICTION]

GistHQ 06/29/2020

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My daughters were having nightmares for the past 14 days. While some nights were quiet, some were terrible and devastating. They constantly had series of terrible nightmares which made them to scream out loud and sweat profusely.

I was so scared to the bones.

At first, I thought it was Corona Virus but then, they weren't running high body temperature so I was convinced that it wasn't COVID-19 because there was no sign of high fever at all.

The nightmares reduced a little bit after I started praying and anointing their head before they sleep.

Last week, one of my daughters refused to wake up. We shook her body, screamed her name, poured water on her and yet, she didn't wake up. She was vibrating a lot. She was breathing but still, she didn't wake up.

We took her to my Dad who is an anointed man of God. My dad prayed fervently for her and God revealed things to him.

My Dad said there was something in their bedroom that was acting as a mode of transportation for Evil Spirits. I ransacked and scattered their room and found a very strange key holder that had snakes design on it.

I noticed my husband's reaction changed when he saw the key holder. I took it to my Dad and he confirmed it. We anointed, destroyed and burnt it afterwards.

My children have been Alright, sleeping and playing well ever since.

My husband later confessed and revealed to me that it was his girlfriend A.K.A side chick that gave the key holder to him. He called and confronted her and she blocked him everywhere.

He has being apologizing since then and I don't know if I should be angry with him or not because I'm currently having mixed feelings at the moment. However, I'm happy my children are safe and I thank God for that!🙏

I showed my daughters her pictures and they recognized her as the lady that usually gives them sweets in their dreams.

Please wives be very careful and prayerful because these single girls are not smiling.

They will do anything to destroy your family and ruin your home.


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