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NPOWER Unpaid Stipends: Hope Rekindled for the Affected Beneficiaries (See Details & Video Link)

JideLubam 06/29/2020

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Since March when the lockdown commenced in Nigeria as a result of Coronavirus outbreak, some of the batch A and B Npower beneficiaries have not been paid their monthly stipends up to the time of writing this article.

Many issues and discussions have taken place and the trends still continue since the Npower Management through the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development under the management, supervision and leadership of honourable Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq has not made a successful approach to proffer solution to the said nonpayment issue.

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On 16th of June 2020, after lots of tweets on Twitter, Facebook messages, publications on newspapers and calls to well meaning Nigerians to air the plight of the unpaid Npower beneficiaries were seemed not to be productive, they decided to proceed on a PROTEST at the National Assembly by selecting representatives across all the nearby States to FCT Abuja.

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The protest has brought a lot of positive results because the former claim that "we had paid all the Npower beneficiaries and not owing anybody" has been seen as untrue, after the honourable Minister of FMHDSD later acclaimed the fact that they are owing up to 12,000 Npower volunteers during the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 meeting broadcast.

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Despite the fact that the figure is not the same with the "80,000" as published on newspapers and other social media platforms. It seemed that there are elements of truth in the expression of plight and staging of protest by the affected Npower beneficiaries.

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Many hopeful responses have been made by Npower Management through their social media team on their official Npower social media platforms, ranging from plans to resolve the "posting or transferred errors made by the ministry in the process of transferring data from REMITA to GIFMIS payment platform" to "flagging of accounts of the affected Npower volunteers by the newly-implemented payment platform (GIFMIS)", since April ending to this present moment.

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Frankly speaking, all the affected Npower beneficiaries since March till date have been seriously passing through lots of untold hardship, physical and emotional suffering because that is the only means of survival to some, because there is no job opportunities in the country, even the rate of unemployment keep increasing on daily basis due to continued retrenchment in some sectors here and there. To refute the statement of lazy Nigerian youths, they decided to be collecting the stipend (#30,000) which is not even enough to ensure comfortable living as a result of the high rate of living standards in Nigeria, not now talking about when there is general lockdown in the country, due to Covid-19 approachable guidelines put in place to curb the wide spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria by the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

Don't also forget that immediately the lockdown was declared the prices of many commodities and products are hiked till now by almost all the sellers, except those who have the fear of God in their hearts, which made it more difficult to live happily or comfortably by many Nigerians.

To these affected Npower beneficiaries who did not have money to buy foodstuffs and other basic needs because they have not been paid their rightful rewards.

During a programme titled "Panorama", the Special Adviser (SA) to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs on Social Investment, Aminu Nyako, reaffirmed that "the ministry is aware that some of the Npower beneficiaries have not been paid".

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He further said, "the 2020 Budget kicked in in March and they had to transition to GIFMIS platform which is the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System, and during the transition some records of beneficiaries were rejected. And currently they are within the process of reconciling those records and payment will be made to the affected beneficiaries".

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"He also said it is important to know that the ministry doesn't hold the beneficiaries' funds, and it is within the TSA (Treasury Single Account). So once the reconciliation is completed, the beneficiaries will receive their stipends."


The video link below discussed generally about NPower Programme but the fact that rekindled the hope of unpaid Npower beneficiaries started from 1:39 to 2:35, in case you want to fast forward the video.

Google Drive Video Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iLRp_vC3mJjxQC9Y8ue3Us3X6Vy8Rxd6/view?usp=sharing .

(Duration - 5:40 MINUTES & Size - 12:46 MB).

With the information transcribed from a section of the video link above, it is believed that all the unpaid Npower beneficiaries should be hopefully rekindling their hope that gracefully by the end of this month (June), the Npower Management under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development (FMHDSD) would have resolved their nonpayment issue of March, April and May plus June stipends based on different promises they have made on televisions, radios, newspapers and social media platform.

Please @npower_ng and @FMHDSD, speedily do the needful to resolve the unpaid stipends to put smiles on the faces of all the affected Npower beneficiaries on or before the commencement of JUNE payment to all the Npower volunteers.

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Don't let their voluntary services to humanity, extreme commitment, patriotic dedication, long time unparalleled understanding and patience as well as unrelenting efforts put in for this Npower programme be in vain.



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GUEST_o7BprGjAd · 06/29/2020
let the will of God be done
EstherIdowu08 · 06/30/2020
We hope so.
NassZtanko · 06/30/2020
pls pay the beneficiaries there monthly stipend, you are owing them
JoyceEmmanuel_03 · 07/2/2020
please pay our owed stipends

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