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See What ASUU Said about The Reopening of Schools That Got people Talking

Danix5060 06/29/2020

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has warned the federal government about the reopening of schools due to the coronavirus ravaging country.

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According to ASUU national president, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi who spoke to the news agency noted that the federal government needs to address the challenges in the education sector before it can talk of reopening of schools.

The advice to federal government has caused mix reactions for Nigerian, more especially the students.

"When it comes to public health, it is something that should not be left in the care If one person but the Federal Government must take the lead.”

The ASUU president named the conditions spelled out by NCDC to include the requirement of elements for regular handwashing, provision of face masks, isolations spaces, hands sanitizers, amongst others.

He said many government-owned schools don’t have economic abilities to meet the outlined requirements.

He said, “It is suicidal to reopen schools now if the Federal Government itself could not fulfill the conditions spelled out by the NCDC and the World Health Organisation. The nation will jeopardize innocent children to avoidable risks.” Schools across the country were shut in March to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The question now is, do you agree with FG or ASUU decision? Drop your views in the comment section below.

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Top Comments
ChrisOkereke_02 · 07/1/2020
Any parent who is in a hurry to send back his or her ward to school now does not really love such child. Our schools are ill equipped to handle the crisis of this pandemic. How many children of the politicians are in Nigerian schools? They will hide their children in good schools abroad and want mass murder for the children of ordinary Nigerians in our useless schools. God will frustrate their plans. No reopening of schools until there is a clear direction on the management or cure of this pandemic.
LukaZhiba · 07/1/2020
if this virus is real and killing people, and if some countries opened and close again, and if the schools were closed to curb or avoid spreads and fatalities, the question is ... has virus Left or no more dangerous as it was what made the initial closure? if there is life, of-course there will be everything. now if students die on the course now, whom will they transfer their acquired knowledge to? hmmm... God pls let people understand because, I have been seen on social media that, the parents are tired of keeping child at home. hmmm ...u are tired of keeping your child saved? hahaha God forgive us

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