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OPINION: Pry 6, Jss 3 and SS3 students to be used as lab rats

AllNewsAfrica 06/29/2020

I really do not know nor understand how decisions are made in this country, but the decision to let primary 6, JSS3 and SS3 students resume school is entirely a bad decision. The pandemic is raging hard in Nigeria, and the cases are increasing significantly, but what we see is an interstate lockdown that is about to be eased. Moreso, the government has decided to let all students below the tertiary level, resume school, while letting the university students wait at home.

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If there is anyone that can maintain a proper follow of guidelines regarding covid-19, it should be the university students, who are old and mature enough to take care of themselves. They can maintain social distancing when required, but I do not believe these little kids in secondary schools can successfully execute these tasks.

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If there is any downside to this decision, it will be that these secondary school students will fail to acknowledge all the rules and guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19. I am not saying that schools should resume or university students should be allowed to go back to their different universities, but what I am saying is that the cases in Nigeria are increasing and we should try and find a way to reduce it first before thinking of reopening of any Nigerian schools.

The students that have been told to resume schools are nothing but lab rats, and you all know what lab rats are used for.

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Top Comments
AkanErnest · 07/1/2020
thanks that's true because am not ready to go to school n use as lap rats y did they not allowed all school or they start with University
pears · 06/29/2020
what do you mean by lab rats?have you not been visiting the markets,does that mean that when you visit the market you become a lab rat .l think why resumption is restricted to these group is to ensure adequate spacing so don't worry nobody will be used as lab rats

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