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Bishop David Oyedepo: 468 additional Churches to be planted on Sunday

TheWatchWoman 06/25/2020

Bishop Oyedepo: 468 Additional Churches to be Planted on Sunday

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Bishop David Oyedepo who is the founder of the living faith church Worldwide also known as winners chapel international with headquarters at the Faith Tabernacle Canaan land, Ota, spoke during the mid-week service held yesterday at the church headquarters and stated that a total of 468(four hundred and sixty eight) additional churches were to be planted on Sunday 28th June 2020.

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Bishop Oyedepo also stated that 468 new churches also meant 468 additional names on the church's payroll, 468 facilities already paid for and 460 accommodations for Pastors minimum because some of the churches are going to have two pastors.

He also disclosed that all these were achieved by supernatural wealth devoid of borrowing or begging. He also reminded the congregation about the 10,000 church planting projects they had earmarked for the year and that they were on course to achieving it. He further stated that the project is ongoing in about 4 or 5 states. 

Bishop Oyedepo further stated that he knew many people who would be upset about the ongoing exploits of the church, and that he was happy that they were upset because it was the Lord's doing which is marvellous in his sight. He also warned scammers who sends out messages in his name asking for money from unsuspecting members of the public and warned people to be weary of such persons and that he has never and will never solicit for funds from anyone in his life. He said " if anybody tells you any time that this short man sent him to you, to collect something, then you know you have a devil in front of you. I know it happens. Somebody came, he said he got my message so so time. I said it's not my message, you better walk in the spirit, don’t let the devil rob you. It's not my message". 

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He also enjoined members to be humble, and that humility with whatever you had was the key to keep assessing the blessings of God.

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