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Revealed: Popular Ghanaian Prophet Has A Bed In His Church Purposely For "Chopping" Married Women

Sweetpepper$ 06/25/2020

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is a Ghanaian prophet that is the Overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel (PHC).

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He became widely known in the entertainment industry after he prophesied about the late musician, Ebony's demise. Some fans of the songstress brought the prophet under heavy criticism but that did not deter him from carrying out his duties as a messenger of God. He even said that he can raise up late basketball player Kobe Bryant if 10% of his net worth is given to him. He even said that women is his paramount weakness.

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The Seat, a show which is always held on Net 2 tv revealed a very surprising secret of Propet Nigel Gaisie.

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On Tuesday, 24 June 2020 the host of "The Seat" a show on Net 2 Tv revealed that Prophet Nigel Gaisie is hiding a small bed in his church which he always "chop" married women and the youth in the church before mounting the pulpit.

According to the video, the presenter made it clear that the bed was bought by a woman in the church for one of the Prophet's junior pastor to continue the work of God.

He continued saying this bed was bought for only GHc 200 and instead of giving it to his junior pastor, he has been using for his own "chopping" hobbies.

And he cautioned the ladies who have been allowing the prophet to "chop" them and as well as all the ladies who have been giving themselves to fake pastors, that they should seek prayers and deliverance from good and real but not fake pastors because they will never be successful in life or even things will not go well with them because they have got themselves into a spiritual covenant with them.

I have put the YouTube link to the video below

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Ademola--Femi · 06/25/2020
Only God knows who is truly serving him..
+234-0803329**** · 06/25/2020
where are dont touch my anointed fools
HERDMAN · 06/25/2020
this Christianity brought too much madness
+234-806928**** · 06/25/2020
Ghana own nor dey pass chop

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