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Zombies, A Mere Fantasy or A Reality.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Have you watched any movie titled The Walking Dead or The World War Z or any movie on zombies? For years, zombies have dominated science fiction and have become staple figures of popular cultures.

Zombies are rotting or dead flesh, inability to communicate, and they have the penchant for biting uninfected people. Are there actual real cases of zombies or is it just in our thoughts? Is it just a mere fantasy or a reality?

Here are some reasons that zombies are not just in our imagination but they are here with us.

Though there are no corpses walking around as we see in movies but there are behaviours we exhibit as humans that make us act like a zombie and also there are life threatening diseases that make people act like a zombie.

Here are some of the behaviours

Though the zombies don't know what they are doing they still have desires. They run to the humans to eat them. Also a lot of people are not much different from them because a lot of people today are obsessed with money which act as the zombie virus and this as infected them and rendered them mindless and therefore could do anything bad or good to get it. Some people can kill there fellow human being for money rituals.

Also rape cases are increasing everyday, you will see a 50 year old man having carnal knowledge with a 6 month old child. Because of five minutes pleasure a lot of people are committing great atrocities against humanity to satisfy there selfish desires and as a result have become zombies who are mindless.

To cure this zombinism in our society, we as a whole need to stand up and fight this societal ills that is becoming a normal thing so as to make the earth a pleasant and beautiful place for the next generation.

There are also some disease that make someone to act like a zombie.Here are some of the disease.

1. Rabies

Rabies virus is transmitted by bites from infected animal which causes inflammation of the brain. The symptoms include, agitation, mental impairment, delirium, aggressive behaviour. Though a lot of people with rabies do not go around biting people but some of them tends to be aggressive and bite people.

2. Cotards Syndrome

This is a rare condition whereby the patient is under the delusion that he is dead or a ghost and this make them to in a odd behaviour

3. Catatonic Schizophrenia

This refers to a set of symptoms that might develop in some patients with schizophrenia. The patient have no interaction with the environment, they adopt unusual postures, limited verbal response, grimacing, agitation. The patient are also under the delusion that they have extraodinary power which make them to act in a odd behaviour.

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