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Is Rabiu Osinowo the best replacement for late lawmaker from Kosofe?

www.kosofepost.com 06/29/2020

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Almost two weeks after the demise of the Senator representing Lagos East, Adebayo Osinowo, His medical trained only son, Dr. Rabiu Babatunde name went viral on Sunday, June 28, 2020 as Kosofe substitute majorly by one of the disbanded political groups; Mandate Group according to our observations.

Kosofe Post earlier gathered over the months from reliable sources that Dr. Rabiu manages his late dad Multi billion businesses. However, information about his medical practice, political pedigree and antecedents in Kosofe Local Government remains sketchy.

However, Some APC members on Sunday launched a coordinated publicity and awareness for him as a suitable replacement from Kosofe to serve out his father tenure.

In summary some APC members supported and endorsed Dr. Rabiu Babatunde Osinowo as the best replacement for Lagos East. While other vehemently kicked against his choice.

His working experience, background profile were among the frequently asked questions respondents demanded from his sponsors and promoters according to the conversations monitored from the former dedicated handle to Hon. Yetunde Arobieke, political campaign Yaro Voice changed to Osinowo lives on platform.

Selected People's reactions monitored by Kosofe Post

Osokoya Morenike: I support this. All the people fighting for the Post are not worth it. Even if it's for him to finish his father term in office after then they can have another election because the slot is still kosofe slot and if thrown away now they will loose it to work again or any other axis. May Allah perfect his will on you son.

Temitope: I support continuity of Pepperito in the Senate. I support not too young to rule. Support Dr. Tunde Osinowo for the best representatives for Lagos East. Like Father, like Son. Please, let's support the continuity train, for the unity and progress of Lagos East senatorial district.

Abdul Oscar Wahab: I support peperitto legacy lives on.

Keshy Olaitan : I comr kesiro founder of disable sport support osinowo son to continue is senator post epe o ni bAje o.

Ademola Kehinde: Good thoughts, it's my pleasure and honor to support the idea. DR TUNDE OSHINOWO, FOR EAST SENATORIAL. My amiable leader's see to this write-up. God be with you all.

Kuye Falilat

I support the motion, Almighty Allah will guide , protect and give him wisdom to lead us in East senatorial district.

Shehu Usman Allah will do the best for the family of a Terrific hobble awesome Bayo oshinowo. its a huge lost to us i swear may Allah make the family happy and happy. Allah is the Answer to every Question.

Oluwaseun Salami Some fellow are born to be slave to a family, in my own opinion, I don't think the Lagos East Senatorial seat slot is meant for a particular family in the zone.

Let's the acclaimed successful businessman furnish us with his resume for public scrutiny and with details of his worked experienced details.

Working in your father business establishment does not make u an experienced professional or person.

Ayo-Balogun Adebukola Yetunde: Better concentrate on how to improve the health of the masses especially at this present situations, more so the post is political not of royal lineage. We need more of you to combat covid19.

Tosin Mowo: You papa die you no let am die finish you don dey drag for him post. It seems the son has been wishing him death even before he died

Thaiwoh Mitchell : I guess the Lagos east senatorial seat Is now hereditary? The seat has become a King seat that's meant for just 1 family? I don't know why some people will continue to enslaved themselves and their generation just because of what they want to eat today... You served father for 20yrs and want to start serving the son now, you are all bore to be slaves.

Oyetayo Oyeleke: Hmmmmmm!! If you talk now na that one they go hold for hand, but my destiny is not in any man's hand, but God. because nowadays most people for their own selfish income just talk anyhow, but am not surprise because in Nigeria we are not practicing democracy but some men crazy!! let the will of God prevail!!.

Jubril Adisa Rasheed: Some times , don't understand the way and manner we reason.may Allah grant the dead aljannah fridaous.now to the matter arising, political position is not the same as transitional stool,are you saying there is nobody in that senatorial district that is qualify and capable of holding that position?

Olatopa Seun: The honorable came, fought and conquered... his good name will forever live after him. The writer seems too sympathetic and forget the fact this is a political position not family issue or stool. Those supporting this idea are just doing so in the name money bcos we all know that it's an impossible mission. RIP to the man of the people.

Agbabiaka Toyeeb Abiodun: Hmmm. Is this a monarchical system of government. I strongly support Peperito but let us call a spade a spade this is not a monarchical system of government. So therefore the post should zone to else where.

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Top Comments
MusiliuAnimashaunAdewale · 06/29/2020
guys, go n see lots of people pepper helped, then you will realize how gud peppers was. so, a gud legacy has to live more than one can imagine. Pepper really deserve this, His Son can do better than that of his dad 'cos, he will like good deals of his dad leaves on ,on ,on n on.
+234-0816952**** · 06/30/2020
Politicians should stop this nepotism and elitism attitudes. Legislative position or any elective position for that matter is not a traditional or monastery institutions. I see no reason why in an elective position a political party structures ancenstral or lineage imposition as if there are no competent individuals within the constituency to represent except the elites and their families. Is high time the electorate should take the bull by the horns and stop this kleptocracy ideologies of our politicians and their surrogate.
MustaphaSaheed · 06/29/2020
God forbid bad things , a o ni sin Baba ki a tun sin omo
AfolabiIdowu_03 · 06/30/2020
so the position is for osinowo family, there's no another person in the whole kosofe that's qualify for it, nawao you people should wise up now. you have served the father and now you want to serve son or do you think this politicians are serving you abeg common sense need to apply here. thanks

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