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Zee World: Meet Rati Pandey (Iron Lady)

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Rati Pandey is mostly known for her role as Indira Rishi Kumar/Zaara Malik Khan in Iron Lady and as Komal in Begusarai. She studied Economics in University and kicked off her acting career with a reality show in 2006.

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Since that year, Rati has appeared in several soap operas and reality shows. She's hosted 3 major award events, had special appearances in 3 major movies and several award nominations (six of which she won). She has also performed in upto 13 award events as an artist.

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Born on 11th September 1982 (38 years old), Rati is well versed in 8 different languages. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, crafting, gardening, watching movies, horse riding and adventure sports. She's a good athlete and javelin thrower. Favourite food as she says is Rajma Chawal.

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Rati was in a relationship with actor Anas Rashid but broke up in 2016. In a 2017 interview with Time of India, she said “I am very much single and not actively looking for a partner. I believe in God and his plans for me. If I am destined to stay single, I wouldn’t mind that either,”

She further added, “But being human, I will crave for companionship at some point. So, I have decided to wait for my godsend partner. From now on, I will expect less from people and more from God. Whatever happens, happens for the better.”

Closing off in that same interview, she stated her lack of interest in marrying an actor. “I will not marry an actor. The problem is, two actors have too much in common and there will be nothing beyond acting to talk about".

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Rati is still private with her personal life but now has a baby who she adores a lot. She posts her happy moments with family on social media.

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