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Edo 2020: I will not step down for anybody - Barrister Ken Imasuangbon.

Dumlove 06/24/2020

Edo 2020 : I will not step down for any bagger, Barr Ken Imasuangbon. 

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It is no longer news that Governor Godwin Obaseki has taken up the Edo State gubernatorial form under the PDP, after defecting from the APC just a few days ago. 

After his defection into the PDP, Governor Godwin Obaseki and some leaders of the PDP have been meeting to persuade other aspirants to step down for him. That has actually worked out for him because one of the PDP aspirant Gideon Ikhine on Monday announced that he has collapsed his structure into that of Obaseki.

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However, one other aspirant Barr Ken Imasuangbon, said he had no intention of stepping down for anyone. In His words, "I will not allow anyone to intimidate me, I have been in this party for years, I had gotten the form and started my campaign for long, I can not allow someone who just came in from no where to come and ask me to step down. In fact, I am not stepping down for any bagger, I won't chicken out".

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According to him, he had gotten persuasions and threats to step down for Obaseki, but he was adamant and would contest for the primaries come June 25th 2020. "Whoever wins the primaries would be the true flag bearer for the party, but stepping down is not an option for me".

His statement is coming after a coalition of civil society groups, threatened a two billion naira suit against him if he bows to pressure to withdraw from the governorship race. According to them, they had put up efforts and done house to house campaigns for him, and their efforts would not be allowed to waste.

Do you think he has done a great thing by standing his grounds?

Are the threats from Obaseki really necessary just to get his way?

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