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See the letter in the alphabet that most people don't know how write

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This may look surprising to some people because while growing up we have been taught the letters in alphabetical order from A-Z. What could possibly go wrong View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University published the results of this very strange study. They revealed that when they ask people about the two forms of the lowercase "G", most people failed View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Almost none of the subjects could write it, most couldn't pick the correct one out of a lineup and some did not agree that there were two different versions of the little"g" despite seeing it all the time.

Another thing is that anyone who writes the lowercase"g" by hand is most certainly writing the open tail g.

This is what we were all taught in school. So it stuck in the brain. The other one is the loop tail g, and this one is mostly used in most print media.

Researchers put their subjects through a series of tasks. Including one as simple as picking the correct loop tail g from among several incorrectly written ones.

Most subjects couldn't and that was incredibly weird.

The thing is that we weren't taught the loop tail g. So I wouldn't know

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