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Reopening Of Schools By Federal Government A Wrong Move That Might Hurt The Nation (OPINION)

Sannewayne 06/29/2020

On June 29 the Federal Government announced the reopening of schools for final years students to take their exams so as to enable them continue with thier education even amongst the virus ravaging the nation. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

But why would the Government relax the lockdown when the nations corona virus cases are shooting up every day? This is clearly a wrong move by the government that I strongly feel would come back to hurt the nation.

I might sound like I don't want the nations educational systems to move forward but if you consider the circumstances and the situation we're currently in you would support my claims.

The reports said that JSS 3 And SSS 3 are to resume schools, while when the time for the primary 6 common entrance exams approachs they can resume. Doing this would be detrimental to the country and here is why.

1. Most parents won't allow their children to go to schools:

As the government has announced, schools reopening now, some parents can't and won't allow thier students to resume and this would not be okay as some students would gain and some won't gain and this would create and imbalance among most students.

2. Adequate necessities for the students hasn't been put in place

As regards the health of the students how many schools can proudly say they can handle the whole health of their students and be good at it? This is a big concern because the reason why students are at home in the first place is due to the health issues.

3. The virus can spread among young students who can't take care of themselves well: View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

As the government has said, reopening of schools is only for the JSS 3 and the SSS 3 students some students in these classes are still young and can hardly handle themselves. When they are in school what assurance do we have that they might not contact and spread the virus?

The reopening of schools isn't going to affect just the students alone, it would affect the families and close ones of those students if anything happens or and unfortunate even occurs that the student get exposed to the virus, so would the students family and loved ones.

I think the government should rethink the decision and make a change.

Source: opera.com
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