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How I and my wife dug out a calabash and found our wedding picture under a dead chicken (Fiction)

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How I and my wife dug out a calabash and found our wedding picture under a dead chicken View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I was a banker before I met my lovely wife. I was very popular at my working place because I was very jovial. My mother was pressurizing me that I was already of age. That I should go and get a wife, she kept on doing this just as all mothers usually do saying they want to see their grandchildren. I could no longer keep it a secret so I had to introduce my fiancé to my mother. 

She was so happy and said that why did I have to keep my relationship a secret for so long from her. After 6 months I went to meet my parents and told them that I have finally decided to get married, my mother was so happy, my father said to me “now you are a man”. The wedding day was fixed and we got married. It was a great celebration a day I would never forget. A month later after our wedding I lost my job. It came as a surprise to me because I never thought of any reason why I lost my job. My wife and I didn’t let it weigh us down we kept on praying and applying for jobs. Any job I got, I would not have worked up to 3 months before I was told that the company as to let me go. Also my wife couldn’t get pregnant, we went for medical checkup and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with us. He asked us that do we believe in God. We said yes and he said we should be prayerful that miracle could happen.

Things were not moving so well with us and people began to call my wife names saying she was the cause of everything that was happening to us. I didn’t believe what they said because at night when I wake up I meet my wife praying for us.

We finally decided to involve our pastor who told us that we should keep praying. He invited us to various programs. Then this faithful day he called us and told us that he saw a revelation. He said our problem was not ordinary, that not everyone around us was happy about our marriage. He said we had to put it in fasting and prayer. We fasted and prayed for 7 days. A week later after the fasting my husband decided to mount a pole for drying our cloths at the backyard. As he was digging he found a calabash and brought it out. When we opened it, we say our wedding picture under a dead chicken in the calabash. Immediately we called our pastor who told us to burn it, which we did. Two months later to the glory of God I got a job at a bank, things began to go on well in our family and god has blessed us with two lovely daughters.

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susanash · 06/25/2020
Glory be to the Almighty
MaameYaa_17 · 06/25/2020
With God all things are possible
barakatumohammed · 09/27/2020
it was indicated at the top that is FICTION. Nigeria my country who do us shai.
+234-0811404**** · 10/2/2020
To God be the glory Dat is hw those wicked usually do.But as a prayer warrior dont worry God will unveil their evil secret.May God continue to make both of you a winner &a successful couple.God will continue to help you in all corners.

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