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Tips to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress and Make the Most out of That Period

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Planning for your wedding can be very stressful even when a wedding planner is involved. The truth is, it is a day we've dreamt of all our life and we just want everything perfect on that day. This causes a lot of stress, while I can't promise that all of the stress would vanish, here are some tips to help reduce it and make the most of that season.

1. Start early

Get little tasks done as early as possible when you're a lot relaxed. It could be as little as deciding the make-up artist or where to get a cake, number of expected guests e.t.c. When you do this, later on when the time gets closer and the tension increases, you'd be happy you did it and knowing that task has been taken care of would bring a lot of relief.

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2. Involve others

You can't do it alone, you need people to help you out. Assign duties to family members and friends, a lot of them want to help out. Be sure they are people you can trust though, to avoid anyone screwing things up.

3. Make out time for yourself

Work out, care for your skin. Generally, take care of yourself. It's very easy to forget you need to take care of yourself during this period because of how stressed you'd be but you want to make sure you look your best on that day as well. Take time to work out and rest, it might not be as much as before but just make sure you're not neglecting yourself totally.

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4. Make time for your Partner

Go out on dates like before and just forget the wedding statistics for this moment. Keep away the fact that the cake designer is not picking up her calls or that the gown is taking too long to arrive. Leave all those details out for now, surely you'd talk about them but just not right now. Enjoy this moment, spend quality time. After that one day, it'll just be both of you in it, you don't want to ruin your relationship because of one day which is so easy to do because you're obviously stressed. Deliberately make out "Just us" time.

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5. Avoid thinking too much

Learn to pray about it instead, things would turn out better than you are thinking. Thinking would definitely not make the day better. Do the absolute best you can, pray about it but also remember, it can't be totally perfect, don't stress it.

6. Try not to be people pleasing

Pleasing everyone would only leave you feeling not good enough. There are times when you have to make compromises which is cool but ensure doing it makes you happy as well. At the end of the day, everyone else goes home, you want to make sure you were happy about that day.

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Thank you for reading

I hope these tips work for you. I wish you good luck on your special day. If you know any other tip, do well to share in the comment section below, share this post to soon-to-be brides and every lady, I believe it would help someone. Like this post if you enjoyed it and follow for more posts like this🤗

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